Questions for all 1999


Dianne Bull January 1999
John Winckle February 1999
Paul Angelo Bello March 1999
Dave Hawley April 1999
Dave Hawley May 1999
Dave Hawley June 1999
Sir Jim R Wallaby July 1999
Rosalind and Wes Dalefield August 1999
The Blackadderess September 1999
Fred Pilcher October 1999
Paul Bello November 1999
Fred Kelly December 1999



January 1999 – Special Expanded Time-wasting Holiday Quiz!

Q1 Are peanuts nuts?

Q2 Did dinosaurs generally eat grass?

Q3 What did Hitler have for breakfast?

Q4 How many people (sedentary, desk-workers etc) could have survived on the calorific intake of Elvis Presley in the weeks before he died?

Q5 When Norwegian bureaucrats on Spitsbergen complained to head office in Oslo about mice in their office, what brand of cheese were they told to use in the mouse traps? And under what further condition?

Q6 How many cats are there in Melbourne?

Q7 If it had existed, what would have been noticeable about the god Odin’s horse, Sleipner?

Q8 Where in Africa could you find penguins?

Q9 Why are hippopotamus’s tails the shape they are?

Q10 What happened to the giraffe in the Manila Zoo?

Q11 Translate from Latin into English: birota ignifero latice incita (from a recent papal encyclical)

Q12 Translate from Norwegian into English: Alla känna apa, men apa känna ingen

Q13 Translate from Pidgin into English: Magimix bilong Yesus

Q14 Translate from English (circa 1910) to English (circa 1999) gyratory circuses

Q15 What is the derivation of the Japanese word intoray meaning “scaffolding”?

Q16 When Oda Nobunaga’s warriors captured the Japanese capital city of Kyoto in 1569, on entering the city what was the first thing he confiscated?

Q17 What was remarkable about Napoleon’s bouts of sex with Josephine? (that is, on those occasions when they did actually get it on)

Q18 Could L Ron Hubbard play the ukulele?

Q19 In the 1930s why were so many meteorites found in Kansas?

Q20 What was Bob Dylan doing while he was composing Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands?


Feb 1999

Q1 What (in science) was discovered on 1 March 1980?

Q2 Why did Sir Isaac Newton hang around in brothels and bars?

Q3 When was the famous picture of the Loch Ness Monster first published?

Q4 Outside of Cuba, where is the world’s principal centre of literature and culture concerning Che Guevara?

Q5 In French l’Autriche means “Austria”. Replacing the i with a u-circumflex, what does l’autrûche mean?


March 1999

Q1 Where would you find Novocastrians?

Q2 What did Scott’s expedition find when they reached the South Pole in 1912?

Q3 Among Jesus and his 12 apostles, who was the treasurer?

Q4 Jack London’s story The One Thousand Dozen is about what?

Q5 What person’s name (6,2,10) is an anagram of thelemic demon dares? And an anagram of lets dem read him once. Also of the man e come riddles. Not to mention the dread commie lens. Or the mod dream license …..


April 1999

Q1 In Pieter Bruegel’s painting Landscape with Fall of Icarus – what parts (if any) of Icarus are shown?

Q2 What character (actual or fictional) has been portrayed the most times in cinema films?

Q3 Did Hitler marry?

Q4 What proportion of people in Western culture are left-handed?

Q5 What is/where might you find a Kleagle?


May 1999

Q1 From which city in the Eastern United States might you see the sun setting over a watery horizon with big ships on it?

Q2 Where, if anywhere, did Hitler meet Stalin?

Q3 `What happened in Bermuda in 1609?

Q4 Where does Mrs N Fernandes live?

Q5 Can gorillas swim?


June 1999

Q1 Were there any flush toilets before the time of Thomas Crapper?

Q2 Who in history has conquered the biggest area of land?

Q3 What proportion of the [female – sorry omitted this] population of Liechtenstein was accused of witchcraft and burnt to death in the 1690’s?

Q4 Can chimpanzees swim?

Q5 What happened on 26 October 1881?


July 1999

Q1 What really happened to the Tsar’s daughter, Anastasia?

Q2 Which is the most dangerous method of electricity generation per kilowatt produced – nuclear, coal, oil, sea (waves), geothermal, or wind?

Q3 In the song Killing Me Softly (With His Song) – what is the song referred to?

Q4 When did the Titanic sink (exact time and date)? Passenger list is optional.

Q5 In the USA 3 million teenagers play the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and in 1992, 28 teenage suicides were related to it. Is this significant?


August 1999

Q1 When Kerry Packer returned from his 8-minute death in 1990 what did he say about the “other side”?

Q2 What is unusual about the book Gadsby (1939) by Ernest Vincent Wright?

Q3 Where is Australia’s only active volcano?

Q4 What happened on 25 December 1642?

Q5 What was the first word spoken from (a capsule standing on) the Moon?


September 1999

Q1 What proportion of the crimes in the Noddy books are committed by the Golliwogs?

Q2 Why did Hitler send his personal photographer with Ribbentrop when the latter first went to visit Stalin?

Q3 What is the last word of James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake?

Q4 What is remarkable about the Japanese word “chichichurin”?

Q5 Muslims hold that God has 100 names – the Merciful, the Compassionate, etc; what is unusual about the 100th one of them?


October 1999

Q1 If a Japanese man’s body is heavily tattooed, then he is probably either a gangster or … what?

Q2 After the first emperor of China (Ch’in) had the Great Wall built, he was taken to inspect it. Why did his procession of vehicles also carry fish?

Q3 What is wrong with the Biblical story that Moses as a baby was found in a basket of bulrushes floating on the river Nile?

Q4 What is incongruous about the name “Jerusalem artichoke”?

Q5 Was the Last Supper a sudden idea, or was it organised in advance?


Nov 1999

Q1 The Chinese deputy leader Lin Piao (editor of the Little Red Book) was reported to have died in an air crash in 1971, but was his death accidental?

Q2 What is the world’s proportion of bicycles to cars?

Q3 If there were a tube through the middle of the earth without air resistance, heat transfer etc, and a mass was put in, it would fall to the middle and then rise and arrive at the other side. How long would this one-way journey take?

Q4 On 4 Oct 1601, how did the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe die?

Q5 How many references were at the end of Einstein’s 1905 paper describing his theory of relativity?


Dec 1999

Q1 Did Hitler ever get to see Chaplin’s film “The Great Dictator”?

Q2 Which President of the United States is depicted on the American 1-cent coin?

Q3 On which side of the road do they drive in Japan?

Q4 The planet Saturn is 120,000 km diameter but how thick are its rings?

Q5 Which (if any) of the murder weapons are shown on the Cluedo box lid?