Questions for 2012 (so far)

WINNERS for 2012 (so far)

Amit Elazari January 2012
Alan Needham February 2012
Chad Jordan March 2012
Jouko Koppinen April 2012

QUESTIONS (so far)

January 2012

Q1 UFO contactee George Adamski claimed to have met with “Orthon”, a long-haired young man from Venus, in the Californian desert in 1952. How did Adamski immediately know that he/it was an alien?

Q2 Why did E.O.Wilson, as a young man, change from studying flies to studying ants?

Q3 The ant Sphecomyrma freyi is known from a sample preserved in amber; however there were originally two such samples. What happened to the other one?

Q4 What did Bob W Taylor say when he discovered the rare yellow Nothomyrmecia ant?

Q5 And what was Bob W Taylor doing when he discovered the rare yellow Nothomyrmecia ant?

Q6 (An ironically timely question.) What is the box for?


February 2012

Q1 Why did the directors of the film Sneakers (1992) add some extra Rude Words into the script?

Q2 King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died after a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and champagne, but what really killed him off?

Q3 The Nazis disliked Shakespeare and nearly banned his plays, except for two: the Merchant of Venice (obviously) and which other play?

Q4 Of what holiday destination was it said (approximately) “It’s not quite like Torremolinos yet”?

Q5 If a North Korean writer (motivated towards becoming old) needed to delete or edit the name of Kim Jong Il, how was this to be done?

Q6 This is Yonggwang station, of the Pyongyang subway system (as featured in my March 2006 quiz). Apart from its wonderful ornateness, for what other reason are foreign visitors usually shown this particular station?

March 2012

Q1 This is Jodhpur; why are so many of the houses painted blue?


Q2 What do you notice about this fakir’s Bed of Nails?


Q3 What is the purpose of these devices?


Q4 At Udaipur, this is the flag of the old kingdom of Rewar – what is unconventional about the flag?


Q5 This is the King’s bed at Jaipur. For the detection of intruders, it was built high off the ground and the room was filled with a few inches of water after the king had climbed up into the bed. After a copious banquet of the most amazing Indian food, or indeed on any other night, what happened if the king woke up in the night bursting for a slash?

April 2012

  1. Jean Chastel hunted the Beast of Gevaudan (a large man-eating wolf) in 1767. During a hunt, he sat down to read the Bible and pray, and during his prayer, the dreaded wolf came out of the woods and stared at him. What did he do next?
  2. A mobile phone rang in the presence of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, to her annoyance. What did she say?
  3. One day when the mystic Emanuel Swedenborg was in a hurry, he was wolfing down his lunch in a little pub in London, when Jesus Christ appeared to him. What did J.C. say?
  4. What is unusual about Banksia oblongifolia minor – in comparison with Banksia oblongifolia?
  5. Which one man drove the revival of interest in scrimshaw in the 20th century?
  6. Some of The Monkees’ concerts in July 1967 had a new opening act that was booed off the stage by fans impatient to hear the late Mr Davy Jones and his fellow employees. What act was that?

One comment

  1. April 2012
    1. He soiled himself.
    2. “What’s that bloody noise?”
    3. “Eat more slowly–enjoy your food.”
    4. It’s larger.
    5. John F. Kennedy
    6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Have a go!

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