Answers for August 2006

Greetz to near misses by Roy Thearle, Steve Mencinsky, Jouko the Finn, Bill Yeats, John Bourke, Jo Esser, Al Campagna, and many others.

Four submissions this month from ARUBA, wherever that is (answer: it’s the country above Australia in those silly lists that come up in computer registration screens). Ah, Aruba! Land of mystery, bounteous provider of aloes, livestock and fish (according to the CIA fact book); transit point for US- and Europe-bond narcotics, with associated money-laundering activities (CIA again). You can waltz to its national anthem, which translates as “Aruba beloved home, our venerated cradle, though small and simple you may be, you are indeed esteemed.” Clearly, the island has a volcano; perhaps they cook their Dim Sims in the vents.

Our WINNER this month is another long overdue one, since his last win in 2001. Now it happens that we’ve had 4 Steves winning in the last 4 months. Maybe there’s a certain innate superiority or something about Steves. Oh yes, definitely, that’s it. Ahem, ahem (puffs up chest feathers). So here’s a nod to my nefarious namesake, that maniacal meteorologist from the major metropolis, that terrible toiler from Tabulam –

Steve Symonds

Question 1

Why can’t you see the Taj Mahal by moonlight if it’s a Friday and a full moon?


Because they won’t let you! The authorities fear terrorism in the dark.

Even Better Answers

  • Because I am in Perth, and the world is round.
  • Because I am in Sydney
  • Because I don’t actually live near, or plan to visit, the Taj Mahal on Friday and a full moon, or any other day of the week, or moon phase, for that matter.
  • Because I’m always in Melbourne on Fridays and the aforementioned full moon.
  • Because I’m in bloody Australia and the Taj whatsit is not, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a moonlit Friday, a sunlit Tuesday or any other light level on any other day – I’d still not see it. (And even if I was in faraway India I’d not see the wretched place at a Friday full moon because that’s when I transmute, albeit temporarily, into a werewolf.)
  • Because I’m in New Zealand, all week and all parts of the lunar cycle.
  • Because it’s in India… And I’m in Australia!
  • Because we are in Sydney most Friday nights – also we dont like to be travelling on the roads with all those nutcases out there on a full moon
  • It’s all the way in India, and I’m in Bolton (UK). Bad eyesight, and the natural curve of the earth prevent it.
  • What is the point of asking me where I am if you then ask me why I can’t see something half-way round the world? In case you missed it, I live in northern NSW, the Taj Mahal is in India. I can’t see it any day of the week by moonlight, sunlight or even hurricane lamp.

Really Really Better Answer

  • Friday and a full moon at night is not possible at Agra for 2006. 7 September and 7 October come close, because most people won’t see the difference a day before or after full moon. As for 2007, you should book in time because they allow only 400 visitors at night on the terrain.
  • Is this a trick question? I hope so, because folks who signed up to see it by full moon on Feb 2, 2007, June 29, 2007 and Oct 23, 2007 will be very disappointed!
  • There is no full moon on evening hours (India local time) on Friday’s (2006 till…)

Additional Answers

  • ? Maybe the moon is behind the structure… though then you could walk around it…
  • A google shows that it’s closed on Fridays for reasons not given; and closed at night time because of fear of terrorist attacks.
  • Because it is a were – cloud. On full moon nights, it flies up and eats airplanes, birds, bats and Superman.
  • Because it is so lit up it drowns out anything near it.
  • Because it’s the Full Moon Friday Crazy Sale, and you can’t see it for the glaring flash of CDs glinting in the moonlight, or the poor, confused moths which cloud the air and cover every surface.
  • Because that’s one damned beautiful moon. You can’t take your eyes off it.
  • Because the blue dog that fly’s it to the screen has lost his beak while roaring
  • Because the moon is eclipsed by the earth
  • Because the park is closed at night. Only on Wednesday it’s open.
  • Because the Taj is closed on Fridays. And Hindu festivals.
  • Because the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.
  • Because you’ll be a werewolf creating mayhem!
  • Because your head should be on a mat & you’re praying boyyo.
  • Cereberal edemia.
  • David Copperfield makes it disappear every Friday. He’s hoping someone will come and make a TV special about it.
  • Don’t know about why it’s a Friday – is it something to do with the fact it’s not floodlit and that no-one’s been able to view at night since 1984? And this goes for any day of the week. (A ban they look like reversing so you get to see it at night five nights every month, with the full moon in the middle.) But, based on the other question, it might have something to do with animals. Do they have badgers in India? Is it a religious thing?
  • Duh! Because it’s closed on Fridays.
  • Every Friday the Archeological Survey of India renders the Taj Mahal invisible (whether there is a full moon or not), so it can’t be seen. No, wait… All they do is close it. So it can be seen, even though it’s not open to the public. I guess that makes the answer, “I can’t see the Taj Mahal by moonlight if it’s a Friday and a full moon because the curvature of the Earth prevents a visual line of sight from my home to Agra.”
  • Friday night Full Moons is Disco-tec at the local YMCA, And The Taj has gotta get it’s freak on! But of course, the sight of a national landmark getting funky is a cause for media sensation, so it disguises itself as the Tall guy you normally see raiding the bar.
  • Friday Night is POETS day in India as well you know, so I would just be too drunk, too old, too stoned, too much.
  • From my usual location when the moon is full on a Friday I’m unable to see the Taj Mahal. It wouldn’t help if it were open either.
  • Full Moon Doesn’t Occur on Fridays
  • I guess that it may be closed on Friday or closed at night when the full moon is up.
  • It is not allowed.
  • It wasn’t allowed. No one was allowed to see it on Friday when it was a Full Moon. It just never happened. India’s supreme court says no one is allowed to visit it on those nights. That’s probably the night the cleaners come in… LOL
  • Its a supreme court ruling re concerns over security. They are trying to limit the number of night showings to 5 a month. I guess the friday may be a religous thing
  • It’s day time
  • It’s only open to islamic people on fridays
  • My guess: by Friday night, air pollution is at its worst.
  • Same friggin reason I can’t see it on a monday morning when it’s raining dogs out there: “Cuz it’s too friggin far from where I live!!!”
  • Same reason you can’t see it by moonlight if it’s a Monday…it’s not open at night!
  • They don’t let you in.
  • This is because I am a lycanthrope and I live in Australia. I would most likely be out and about on the night of a full moon. But not in India.
  • While is may be true that the Archaeological Survey of India decided to close the Taj Mahal on Friday for public viewing and only Muslims ( muslims are not public? ) are allowed to visit on Friday. It is quite possibe to “see” the Taj from a distance on any night moon lit or not.
  • You can … if you apply for a job with the Taj Mahal Security team, thus allowing you to be on-site when the monument is closed to the public. Coincidentally, they are hiring staff at the moment following bomb threats.
  • You can, but access is limited to 400 people spread over certain nights. It is possible, of course, that Delhi Belly prevents anyone from seeing anything except the inside of a toilet cubicle.

Question 2

Who spoke about “the cold steel and the badger”, and what was he doing at the time?


Ah… You can’t beat the cold steel and the badger. All this electrical rubbish, little wheels spinning around all over the place for callow youths and peach fluff. Not for a man’s beard. Razor blades for MEN!! I think we’ll have this on number 9. If you’re going to have a shave, have a close one!”– Tony Hancock, The Bedsitter, 1961.

Additional Answers

  • David Koresh – Having sex with under-age cult members. At least that is what my wacko Waco documentary tape says.
  • His Royal Highness the Rev Wingcommander Harry Cheeseman QC, Washing-up
  • Must have been Tom Gilbert, formerly of the Chicago Steel and Wisconsin Badger hockey teams and now with the Edmonton Oilers. Playing hockey, obviously.
  • Tom Cruise – Eating his baby’s placenta
  • Tony Hancock spoke on them while preaching against the evils of the electric razor. – He was on a crash diet program to lose about 200 pounds. (The name of said 200 pounds was Sid James)
  • The royal badger butcher – sharpening his knife.
  • A “Wigan tramp” while he was preparing a badger barbecue
  • Davy Crockety – Creating raw materials for his hat.
  • The architect of the world trade center. Talking at a press conference about the ‘Badgy Problem’, a cheeky badger named Badgy that scurried around the steel girders of the under-construction WTC’s superstructure, and refused to come down.
  • A very stupid boy scout leader – trying to light a fire. At least he got one part right.
  • Ah! I know this! It was Bodger and Badger, the UK childrens’ classic tv show. The ‘steel’ refers to the ‘spoon’ used to consume all the mashed potato Badger was so terribly fond of. Bodger had his hand up Badger at the time.
  • Another google success. It was Tony Hancock talking about shaving. Dr Bob, don’t you vet (pardon the weak pun) your questions against easy googling? [No I usually don’t]
  • Aw bob.. that’s just sick dude!!
  • Beats me. Not an Australian anyhow. Aren’t badgers still in short supply there?
  • Dr. John A. Hannah, baptising the SS Badger (the Lake Michigan Car Ferry)
  • George W. Bush – Observing how the DNA of a forest badger will change if aluminum foil is inserted directly into its spine and put in a microwave for 25 minutes on High. Ultimately resulting in the badger exploding. George’s reaction? “Sweet!”
  • God knows but it sounds like something worth video taping.
  • I don’t know that one. How about the wood and the woodchuck . . . How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. A wood chuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  • I don’t know. But I have learnt the term refers to shaving and that there are people in the world who get on the net and discuss shaving with other people. Really – I found a forum.
  • I have no idea but in the course of my searching I found Badger Balm healing ointment which is “ecologically harvested and wildcrafted.” And it’s “packed in tinned steel (made of 78% post-consumer recycled materials)” Of course, quite what the Badgers think of all this is another matter. I once owned a wonderfully politically incorrect Badger Bristle toothbrush, but that’s quite another story.
  • I have no idea who said it but I bet he was shaving. Shaving brushes used to be made of badger hair.
  • I know what “Growling at the Badger” is and it involves a piece of carpet, at torch and a bottle of water.
  • I’m not really sure… I’ve heard some good ones about beavers though!
  • Lady Chatterley’s lover, the game keeper, and see Q4 below.
  • My uncle Bill, and he said it while bludgeoning (with a steel pipe of course) a rascally badger who kept chewing down his fence posts, thereby releasing his beloved cattle into the night.
  • No idea who, but he was shaving – with a steel razor blade and a badger-hair brush. You’ve got to feel sorry for the badgers – how do they ever stand still long enough to have their hair cut?
  • See I quote: “The scope base and rings are Badger Products and the same in looks as the steel Badgers only these are Aluminum (Note rifle shown has US Optics scope base because at time of shoot Badger was out of stock of Medium rings the NXS scope needed for mounting and USO’s base was high enough to permit the use of standard rings and the NXS scope. It has since been changed to Badger rings and base.” Fascinating reading!
  • Sounds like a Ted Hughesy thing to talk about, which means the answer to (b) is speaking. Or writing.
  • That was Tony Hancock, in “the bedsitter” BBC comedy 1961. I think he was answering a phone call (dreading a dull Sunday afternoon).
  • That would have to be Tom Cruise (Not the actor) the mailman of the Birdsville track, probably while he was on his mail run (The Badger was his mail truck)
  • The guy who wrote the “Wind In The Willows” stories; he was plotting Badger’s getting caught in a steel trap.
  • The Wolf did. He was smoking a pipe while talking to the Coyote sitting beside the fire. The badger was there too but he was ignoring him.
  • Toad – puffing up his ego telling lies
  • Toad, from Wind in the Willows. He and Badger (and Ratty and Mole, of course) found that their wooden rowboat was not suitable and proposed the acquisition of a metal craft.
  • When I googled this, the only answer to come up was Dr Bob. So my answer is: Dr Bob, writing a quiz question.
  • Who cares. This has a much significance to me as the last edition of TV Week. I care not for nursery rhymes.

Question 3

What animals have sex for pleasure?


Human, bonobo and dolphin (But not all together)

Additional Answers

  • Dr Bob, can’t you get your mind out of your underpants?
  • A boar definitely does. I invite you to observe his impressions during the 3-10 minutes and 100-500mL of ejaculation. Lucky bastard! Dogs seem to enjoy a bit of friendy pre- and postcoital snuggle, given some privacy. Pachyderm sex is a communal happening where the extended family stands around and cheers. Great fun. I suspect also whales are smart enough to enjoy the thing.
  • Alas, it seems it’s we Homo Saps alone (although my small dog often humps a passing leg for reasons apparently more to do with pleasure than procreation).
  • All males
  • All of them. Except the ones that get eaten later. Or possibly especially the ones that get eaten later. Oh… and except Denis Thatcher too.
  • All of them – they all have nerve endings in their genitalia. I don’t know what kind of prudish lab scientist thinks otherwise.
  • All the ones that aren’t married.
  • Australian men, who are real animals looking for sex pleasure!
  • Besides humans and humping dogs, you mean? Well, ladybirds, definitely. They have mass orgies. The ones that don’t do it for pleasure are those species where the female eats the male, sometimes before he’s even finished the job. Ouch!
  • Bonobos and dolphins are the only animals other than humans who engage in sex for pleasure.
  • Bonobos and Dolphins Dr Bob. – I believe humans as well but the jury is still out on that, given some past girl friends of mine.
  • Bonobos,dolphins and me. I usually slip the security at Seaworld a $50 so Bubbles and me can slip into the tank.
  • Bonono’s and dolphins
  • Dolphins and bonobos and the very rare human being… [Me, for example]
  • dolphins and bonobos (substitutes sex for aggression, it is said that bonobos engage in sex in virtually every partner combination, but I doubt they like dolphins)
  • Dolphins and Humans
  • Dolphins and humans. At least that is what I was told, but I am scared of entering “dolphin human sex” in Google.
  • dolphins, primates
  • Every single animal that has sex has it for some sort of pleasure, except some of the female of the species which don’t get much say. Only one species is bright enough to have sex to have children and the rest haven’t worked out the connection yet.
  • Humans
  • Humans
  • Humans
  • Humans (allegedly, I wouldn’t know) and dolphins.
  • Humans and Bonobo Chimps
  • Humans and Collingwood supporters.
  • Humans and Dolphins
  • Humans because if we didn’t we would die out. Dolphins because they can, and if anyone questions the dolphin, they feel that Pimp Flipper.
  • Humans, dolphins and bonobo chimps (, female elephants, male walruses, female seagulls, male penguins with stones ( and at least one duck (,9865,1432991,00.html) [What, ONE duck?]
  • Humans, dolphins and curious elephants.
  • Humans, dolphins, and a species of monkey that I always forget the name of.
  • Humans. I don’t much care whether its true for any other species, but I find it hard to imagine that is not true also for most mammal species.
  • I can state with certainty that Human Males have sex for pleasure. It’s rumored that Human Females do as well unless you take Heather Mills-McCartney as your example in which case they appear to have sex for money and power. Dolphins and some primates have sex quite often even when they can’t produce offspring from it but lacking an English/Dolphin dictionary, I can’t say for certain whether it’s due to pleasure or just the result of an overabundance of reruns on TV.
  • I do! And dolphins too…
  • I know! It’s sooooo gross [What, there were 144 of them?]
  • Indeed, what animals! Sex is for procreation only, you sinful man.
  • Just about all of them. Why else do they do it? Do you think they know that what they are doing is going to end in offspring? Of course not! Some human cultures did not associate sex with birth, why would seals or porcupines?
  • Most of the males, and a few lucky females
  • Must resist . . .too easy. . . everyone will give this answer . . . AAAAARGHHHHHH . . . The male ones.
  • None, the pleasure is fleeting, the positions ridiculous and the expense execrable. And I just found out it’s how you get kids. People should not be allowed to breed, just like my Dad used to say.
  • Not me (I only do it on Fridays with a full moon). Apparent some humans, bonobos and dolphins enjoy it though … how weird is that??
  • Only Humans and Dolphins. (Miami Dolphins to be more precise!)
  • Only the ones that really like it..
  • Pigs
  • Pleasure? do animals have pleasure? if release of endorphins can be regarded as pleasure than I believe all mammals experience pleasure with sex but this is not the same as having sex to induce pleasure I’ve never had sex with a non mammal so I cant vouch for the other classes I do have some standards to uphold.
  • Porpoises (Assuming that is the plural for Porpoise…)
  • Praying Mantises – it feeds their complimentary fetishes of sadism and masochism.
  • primates
  • probably people and monkeys but not with each other we hope
  • The ones that like it
  • There can be only one: humans. [Well, it normally needs two]

Question 4

Heinrich Himmler considered himself to be descended from, or even the reincarnation of, Henry I, Duke of Saxony 912-936. In fact they did not have much in common, but what connection did they have?


Henry was nicknamed “Henry the Fowler”, and Himmler was a chicken farmer. But it goes downhill from there . . .

Additional Answers

  • A one stage they both worked as car detailers for Kevin Dennis.
  • A very small wanker.
  • Apparently Heinrich Himmler communed every 2nd July (birthday of Henry I)at the castle of Wevelsburg with the King who had the same Christian name (and a nickname “the fowler” while Himmler was in poultry farming)
  • Both are buried in Saxony area.
  • Both German
  • Both had been crippled by poliomyelitis?
  • Both mad as cut snakes.
  • Both of their English names were Henry.
  • Both of their mothers were raging alcoholics.
  • Both participated in conquering part of France, I guess, but I might as well say they both start with H as rare as that is.
  • Both their names began with a ‘H’, and both had noses.
  • Both were European.
  • Did Henry I think airfuel could be extracted from geraniums? Apart from their first name, they were both fowlers; Henry I due to a rumour he had been setting bird snares when he became King, and Himmler during a stint as an unsuccessful chicken farmer before joining the Party.
  • Didn’t they both have One Big Ball? Or was it Two But They Were Small?
  • German?
  • He was probably a over dramatic guy who wrote his own name in history. With ravings on. And If I or you were to read and remember these ravings we would be considered highly intelligent and be eligible for TV game shows about books and TV.
  • Heinrich certainly was a bad lad but even he with his perversions was not a necrophile and Henry had after all been dead for longer than the 1000 year Reich.
  • Henry is the an anglicisation of Heinrich??
  • Herpes
  • Himmler came to visit the grave for the 1000th anniversay of Henry’s death. He came back every year after that to see if Henry had stopped turning at the idea that Himmler was his reincarnation.
  • Himmler’s father tutored Prince Heinrich of Bavaria who became little Himmler’s namesake and godfather. This led Heinrich to believe that he was an honorary member of the Royal Bloodline and a descendant of Henry the 1st. Of course, I believe the connection is much simpler than all that. Henry the 1st was also known as “Henry the Fowler” and Himmler was about as foul as they come…
  • I read somewhere that they both jerked off ‘left-handed’… does that count?
  • Members of the Teutonic Knights? Both deluded? Badger hunters?
  • My wild guess is that they were both born somewhere in Saxony.
  • Quedlinburg (Heinrich I’s burial place). He believed he was a reincarnation of Heinrich I, the early German unifier who was buried in Quedlinburg a thousand years ago. Himmler held weird SS ceremonies there, and decorated the cathedral with stolen treasures.
  • The Nazis considered Henry the founder of the German Reich, and by extension founder of the Third Reich. In 1936 Himmler visited Henry’s crypt to celebrate the thousandth anniversary of his death and again in following years renewing the celebration…perhaps Himmler found pleasure in these visits. Both appear to have been chinless oiks.
  • The Nazis considered Henry to be the founder of the German reich. Himmler, with his SS staff, went to the crypt where Henry is buried to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of his death. They returned each year and the crypt became an SS sacred site.
  • The same first name?
  • They were both good at crosswords.
  • Their first name is the same. Heinrich is German for Henry. And if Saxony is in Germany, they were both German.
  • Their first name, Heinrich, and both have been said to have founded the Third Reich.
  • Their first name, the one is in German the other in French.
  • Their initials were H.H.
  • Their love of interpretive dance. Oh and they were both German.
  • They are both homo sapiens.
  • They both desired peace. Sorry, Henry the 1st actually desired ‘peas’ (the marrowfat kind), but due to him living in ancient times, he had no option but to settle for wrinkly garden peas. Yuk!
  • They both wore glasses and had strong right hands and arms. (Trade mark sign of a compulsive wanker – another sign is answering questions in this quiz with badly made up answers.)
  • They shared the same first name: Heinrich. The good duke was Heinrich Der Vogler (Henry the Fowler). Himmler was Heinrich Der Regelwidrig (Henry the Foul).
  • They were both German.
  • They were both named Heinrich. As were Henry the Fat and Henry the Unlucky.
  • They were both psychotic, genocidal, murderous German nationalists.
  • They were both quite mad. Himmler for obvious reasons, Henry I because he married a carrot.
  • Zey vere bose powerful unt German..?

Question 5

What is the meaning of the word “Manhattan”?


  • Big Smoke make city vanish. Ohh sorry that was the meaning of the Manhattan Project.
  • “The place where we all got drunk”. Right next to “The place where we all threw up”, also known as “Brooklyn”.
  • A cocktail made of sweet vermouth, whiskey, and a dash of bitters.
  • A cocktail made with bourbon or blended whiskey mixed with sweet vermouth. It’s served over ice and garnished with a Maraschino cherry. A perfect Manhattan uses equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, while a dry Manhattan uses all dry vermouth.
  • A large island in New York. The name comes from the Native American word for ‘Great River’.
  • A man’s hat.
  • According to Tooker it probably means “Hilly Island” in Indian
  • Ahh. This is the place of general inebriation where the people of the whirlpool gather on moonlit Friday night to collect bow wood on the hilly island, whisky being the potion of choice.
  • An area within the city of New York.
  • An island forming the most upmarket real estate in the world.
  • Arabic for ‘side of a barn’
  • Bloody good drink to have with a juicy steak.
  • Derived from a Native American Tribal name “Mahatta” which translates as “poor trading skills”.
  • Don’t know. [Really? I’ll learn it, it’ll be useful to have a single word for that]
  • german hat forbidden to be worn by women until late 1927
  • Hilly island (William Wallace Tooker)
  • I hope to find out on your website [Really? How useful]
  • In the Manhattoe Indian language… “Island of Hills”. The Scots (who invented the drink, and are usually a bit tipsy) say it means “Highland of Ills”
  • It derives from the word Manna-hata so written earliest in the 1609 log book of Robert Juet, an officer of the Dutch East India Company yacht Halve Maen. There are several explanations for the meaning: Some historians trace it to the Munsee word manahac- tanienk (“place of general inebriation” ),others to the Munsee word manahatouh (“place where timber may be procured for bows and arrows”), still others simply to the Munsee word menatay, meaning island. Most say that it comes from the local tribes: Manahata Indians. But most likely it comes from the used native language at that time, meaning hilly island (manah means “island”, and atin “hill.”)
  • It is from the Comkikakatway Indian language. The literal translation is now not known, however it is believed to be an invitation to purchase my mother in law. Later translations have incorrectly transposed mother in law with an area of land.
  • It means going out to dinner with my mother-in-law becomes much more entertaining. She sometimes says the word 4-5 times a dinner!
  • It’s a kind of alcoholic drink – or alternatively, a place to go and drink manhattans. Take your pick.
  • It’s a local Indian word for getting ripped-off, and having to pay tips on it as well.
  • It’s a Native American word meaning “a good place to collect bow wood”….at least that’s what google says!
  • It’s an ancient indian word, translated the word would tear your eardrums. so in a roughly translated sentence, it meant:-“two bags of coffee for this piece of shit? BARGAIN!”
  • It’s from Manhattes, which was an Indian tribe that lived on the island. In fact, they used to live where New York City now has its center. Thanks Google.
  • Land of the Manola Blahnik
  • Little city
  • Man hat tan “At least I’m creative”
  • Manhattan actually refers to the Manahata Indians of the area. They were to become famous for inventing a cocktail of the same name.
  • Manhattan originates from the Delaware and Mohican indian word “Manna-ha-ta” which means something like: “Place of drunkenness”. Other example that firewater and red indians weren’t really close friends. Those white men again…
  • Manhattan: a concatenation of the latin words “vir solio frons” which is your job to investigate.
  • Means “Whiskey”. or “good place to collect bow wood” or “place of general inebriation” or “people of the whirlpool”. mannah = “island” and hatin = “hills” therefore: “island hills”. But you know, the creator of the name might have just liked the sound of the word so it might not actually mean anything.
  • Peter Stuyvessant was so embarrassed at having lost a leg to smoking-related gangrene, that he took to wearing one of those funny stove-pipe dutch hat thingies right over his face. Whenever someone asked, “Where’s Peter” someone would gesture to what looked like a standard lamp in the corner and say, “He’s the Man with the hat on”. Now, as you know, New Yorkers are renowned for fast talk, so it didn’t take long for that phrase to be condensed down to “Manhattan”.
  • Place of general inebriation
  • Slum
  • Take your pick, Dr Bob – the island, the cocktail, the Algonquin tribe who lived there before the Dutch appeared or, my favourite, the Project.
  • That started when the first negro went to live in that particular New York area.. All the older white-folks looked around and said to eachother: “Did you see that one? That ‘man had tan’!!”… At least i think it went that way.. I could be wrong ofcourse..
  • The land of the man with a hat and a tan
  • The place of the drunk.
  • The primary (and most important meaning) is a mixture of sweet vermouth, whiskey, and bitters. There is something about a tribe called the Manhattes that lived on the island where New York City now has its center but that’s neither here nor there…
  • There are a number of meanings including indigenous island + hill, a geographical location and a mixed drink.
  • There are a variety of theories out there including “Good Place to Collect Bow Wood”, “Place of General Inebriation” and “Hilly Island.” In truth, the word is broken down into three parts. “Man” which means “Always Looking for Sex”, “Hat” which means “It’s a Rocky Little Island Not Worth Much”, and “Ten” which means “Chicks Dig Beads.”
  • There have been various suggestions including “place of general drunkenness” but it seems that “hilly island” is the most likely.
  • Three googles in a month! It derives from the word Manna-hata, which is what the inhabitants of the area called themselves.
  • When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less. ( in a scornful tone ) land belong manhan indians
  • Whisky and vermouth. Though it once meant “hilly island” in the Delaware language, and was used as the name of a tribe.
  • You expect me to reply “Man-with-a-hat-on”, but in my wider wisdom I actually know that the true answer is “Hat-with-a-man-on”…or simply, Hatamanon, as it was called in ancient times. A terrible spelling mistake saw the arrival of the more modern name.

Question 6

Where is this clock?


Grand Central Station, New York

Additional Answers

  • At about 10 to 12.
  • Being reflected in a mirror? (Chuckle, reminds me of the Russian special forces chaps!)
  • Christian Slaters house. He likes to stare at the pretty yellow light while ripped off his tits.
  • Grand Central Station – New York City
  • Grand Central Station (terminal) New York City
  • Grand Central Station.
  • Grand Central Terminal in New York.
  • Having searched for weeks now to no avail, the only place that I can state with certainty that this clock exists is haunting my dreams.
  • Iceland, clearly. (If it wasn’t then you would not ask the question. That’s a tick for me…)
  • In a Manhattan railway station.
  • In Dr Bob’s quiz as question number six.
  • In the picture
  • It appears to be in between mirrors or two glasses. [Actually it’s a photograph of pages in a book, you can see where the book’s spine is]. I question the quality of this photo I need to see a less cropped area to make better judgment. I’d imagine people with lots of money who want to buy this clock would know where it is. [Yes, and they can buy a bridge while they’re at it]
  • It is between two or two mirrors
  • It is one of the four clocks on Father Time’s four poster bed
  • It looks like the inside of someones digestive-system.. it’s gross dude!
  • It’s either in a queue waiting for lunch (11:51am), or in a queue waiting to get in the disco (11:51pm). With all the ‘gosts’ in the background, I’d say it was the disco one.
  • It’s in the Jules Verne Museum, and is supposed to represent the fictional electric clock that counted down the rocket in From the Earth to the Moon.
  • It’s on page 6 of the latest Myer catalogue.
  • It’s sitting atop something. Is it in the Taj Mahal? Nice pic. Nope, I’ve got no idea…
  • Just below this box
  • London
  • NASA-it’s their official countdown clock.
  • New York Central – ps Bob you really should get lessons in how to hold a camera still
  • New York City USA – Grand Central Station
  • On a mantle!
  • On a wall.
  • On my computer screen?!
  • On my screen
  • On the Australian Skeptics web site.
  • On the mantlepiece next to the family photos but under the Moose Head.
  • On the top of a pillar, in a street, somewhere where it rains a lot.
  • On this webpage.
  • On top of a pole or a monumant of some sort, I would guess. If you want a place name, it could be Paris.
  • Out of shot to the right
  • Resting on an x-ray, possibly to create a hoax photo.
  • Since the clock shows 1151 hrs and the time is now actually nearly 2200hrs it must be in England.
  • Still looking…
  • Stuck in the ice
  • The Taj Mahal? Mounted on a steel badger? A dolphin brothel? Heinrich Himmler`s house? Manhattan?
  • This beauty was commissioned by Bjorn-Agin Morganic-Fridleifsdóttir-Fridleifsdóttir, the Icelandic ambassador to the court of King James in the year 1253. An oddity because clocks were not invented for another couple of centuries. The clock can now be found on front of Flinders Street station, they dismantled the four dials and whacked them up on there.
  • Under glass of course.
  • You don’t need that clock Dr. Bob. There’s a guy at my work who can get you a genuine Roll-x for $75 US. I think he can handle Australian dollars, too, if you send cash. Do you want the address?
  • What clock?


  • As my infantile responses indicate…your quiz has proven to be too much for my tiny intellect!
  • Did you hear about the zoo that held just one animal, a small dog? It was a shih-tzu.
  • Do all Australian movie stars act like that “Passion Of The Christ” Mel Gibson and shout anti-jewish words and phrases when pulled over drunk driving by the police? [No some of them throw mobile phones]
  • Don’t think I did to well??
  • Fun questions!
  • good questions!
  • Greetings from the small island of Aruba.
  • Half of these were guesses
  • Hey Dr Bob, with your interests in things Scandinavian, have you ever researched why “Greenland” is so named when it is so heavily covered in ice and snow? [Yes]
  • I broke down in my car the other day – “I can’t go on!” I cried.
  • I could have done a search engine and got all the answers like everyone else but I believe my thoughts are more valuable. It was fun. Cheers!
  • I like your website
  • I really like whiskey as the meaning of Manhattan because I once rode a horse named Whiskey. He was a shetty and he threw me. \(*^_^*)/
  • I really liked question 3. When I did a search on “sex for pleasure” Dr Bob, some of the sites that I found were truly wonderful (in a strictly research sense of course). Of course those sites are available but the powers of self righteousness have now blocked you so I now have to do this on my own time.
  • I tried typing “the red number” but the machine rejected my answers
  • If lamb is blue than surely all birds swim in gold coated jackets
  • I’m getting thoroughly pissed off with the dumb clear button, that’s two months running I’ve had to make up the answers twice. (I’ve often wondere what genious invented clear buttons, isn’t that what the little x at the top right is all about?) PS I won’t get in trouble for googling for “Sex and Pleasure” at work will I Bob – I told them you said it would be ok.
  • I’m not stalking you any more. You haven’t noticed and I’m sick of being ignored!
  • Look what happens when I don’t touch google.
  • Love your sense of humor Bob! I’ll be checking this site a lot more from now on.. 😉
  • Loved your work in The Muppets
  • My broadband isn’t up yet. Fortunately 3 neighbours don’t have password protected networks. The thrill of this quiz is only exceeded by doing it illicitly. (How’s that for a set up line for you Dr. Bob?)
  • Nada
  • Nice one Dr. Bob.
  • Nice questions, but not good enough to slake the mind of the mighty Ben Betts.
  • Now we’re rid of Pluto can we ditch Tuesdays – no one likes them.
  • Really easy questions this month. They become easy when you stop trying to answer them and just write any old thing.
  • Sir, I found questions interesting and want to know the answers
  • Sorry about winning the Rugby tests and pulling Smith’s dreadlocks and the Haka, oh and the Netball.
  • The Adelaide crows must never win another flag. Ever.
  • The right to publish my comments will be charged at $US 1 million. Send payment to: Secret Collection Agency Managements (SCAM) of the Official Nigerian Government.
  • This one was hard Dr Bob. What am I talking about? I never know any of the answers. Do I get six points for trying? I’m going to a trivia night tonight and I feel so dumb…
  • Tough question about the clock. Don’t have a clue on Q2, just made a guess.
  • Yeah but are you a good doctor?
  • You’re wonderful Dr. Bob! [Yes I am – but am I good?]