Answers for September 2006

Long overdue WINNER this month is

Bill Yeats

… of New Jersey. What happened to the old one, Bill, did you wear it out?

Question 1

Why is bubble gum pink?


Traditional, starting from when it was the only food colouring available at the time to Walter Deimer who improved the formulation in 1928

Additional Answers

  • Factory workers that don’t follow the safety rules.
  • According to the inventor Walter Diemer pink was the one and only shade of food coloring he had nearby. Exactly why pink was the only colouring he had is not recorded (of course some smart-a*&^ will now come up with the reason…)
  • Appealing colour for kids [Yes, mine are pink too, and they are very nice]
  • Bat’s blood
  • Because bubble gum comes comes from the feet of elephants and english hunters are not fast runners
  • Because God made it that way, and blue bubblegum is satanic
  • Because grey rubber lumps don’t look delicious, unlike pink rubber lumps.
  • Because it is tickled excessively.
  • because that was the only food colouring that its’ creator ‘gilbert mustin’ had at the time.
  • Because that was what the inventor had to hand.
  • Because, that one time.. at band-camp….. (o_O)
  • Bubblegum is pink because it was the only food coloring they had at the time. But why is a rubber pink??? That’s more interesting.
  • Cause it contains pink food colouring.
  • ‘Cause Mrs Mustin only had pink food colouring in the cupboard
  • Cheapest colour available
  • Cos it has food dye (chemical) that reflects light at the pink wavelength
  • ‘Coz it is marketed to little girls who LOVE the colour pink. And to men who want to attract little girls…
  • Due to its seafood diet, high in Carotene, my pet flamingo (called bubble gum) is a very fetching pink colour. The foodstuff is pink because it was invented by ‘The Gays’.
  • Food colouring (Americans note: There is a “U” in COLOUR)
  • For camouflage so kids can hide it easily from their teachers.
  • For great flavour you idiot
  • It had to be a cochineal pink to blend in with all those neat pastels used in 1950s advertising, of course. Also, so when it splattered all over the face, the teen could just pass it of as acne.
  • It is a camouflage tactic to avoid Bubblegum’s main predator: Dentists.
  • It was the only food colouring Walter Diemer, the inventor of Double-Bubble, had.
  • It’s a matter of physics, y’know. Some wavelengths of light get absorbed, some don’t, some are transmitted, some are reflected and so on. And the sum result is translated into “pink” by our brain. Either that, or they use a pink food dye.
  • It’s got something to do with reflection of certain frequencies (and wavelengths) of radiation in the visible spectrum.
  • It’s not. Not the piece in my mouth, anyway. It’s blue.
  • It’s the only colour pre-teen females of our species can see.
  • Red Dye #5 in the U.S.
  • So it can be easily concealed in my underpants
  • So it stays camouflaged in your mouth
  • so it’ll be close to the color of real gum to hide them from teachers who catch you chewing them in class. or maybe because when it was invented the inventor ran out of other colors.
  • So that it does not look too messy on your face when the bubble bursts.
  • So that when I smash it into the bubble blowing moron’s face, it won’t be too obvious when they can’t peel the bits affixed in the shape of a handprint from their facial skin. Gum smacking is my pet peeve (in case you hadn’t guessed!). I write Haiku about it for anger management. A sample follows: Do not smack your gum / It makes me want to kill you / Over and over. Please choke on your gum / So I don’t have to kill you / Blue faced and gagging. A pack at a time / I assure you is too much / Please choke on your gum.
  • So you can stick it behind your ear and it won’t be noticed because it is very close to the colour of skin
  • That was a coincidence. The pink colouring was the nearest one. It could have been other colours too.
  • The aliens only see in the red and infra-red part of the light spectrum.
  • They ran out of blue
  • To attract little girls.
  • To make it more attractive to consumers
  • Walter Diemer, working at Fleer as an accountant of all things, created bubble gum, which is (mainly) pink as it was the only food colour available in the factory at the time.
  • When Gilbert Mustin created Blibber-Blubber gum in 1928, he colored it pink striking a premature blow for Communism. When testifying before the first and lesser known House Un-American Activities Committee in 1932, he followed the advice of his attorneys and claimed it was the only food coloring he had available at the time. He also alleged that it was all his accountant’s idea.
  • Why is the sky blue? Don’t do that. Don’t do what? Answer my question with a question. Am I doing that? Yes. Sorry, what was the question?
  • Why not?
  • You don’t want to know. You REALLY don’t want to know.

Question 2

Do beavers eat fish?


No, but the Catholic Church has declared that beavers ARE fish – see Wikipedia under “beaver” and heading “In culture”. And – watch this space sometime for a whole quiz full of beaverology.

Additional Answers

  • (smelling a beaver) Phwoarr – Yes. Sorry for being one of the millions of entrants to make the obvious joke. [Oh that’s OK – you’d probably be lucky to find a beaver in Bolton]
  • All those beeootiful teeth and only a veggie dinner
  • American beavers smell like fish
  • Depends on their allergies.
  • Depends on whether the aliens genetically engineered them, or whether and “intelligent designer” did.
  • I could write a very rude answer to this. But if you are referring to aquatic mammals I would say yes. Why else build dams?
  • I don’t know but perhaps that’s why the aroma of a beaver is often equated to a fishy smell
  • I don’t think so, their preference is leaves and bark (their bark is worse than their bite – even with those teeth). I don’t even think fish eat beavers (although there’s a distinct chance of piranhas doing so if there’s any Amazonian Beavers) I’m also sure that there will be a flood of truly unrepeatable responses from your American correspondents, Dr Bob.
  • If it is cooked nicely with a little white wine sauce.
  • In Narnia, yes. Here in the Shadowlands they have to survive by eating wood, bark and other plant matter to feed the bacteria in their guts which they then digest. Ewww! So clearly how much wood a *beaver* can chuck depends on how much it has eaten in the last few hours.
  • Is the Pope a beaver?
  • Mine does? [Wow]
  • Must do – they smell fishy.
  • No idea… Do I have to look it up?
  • No, they only smell like it every now and then…
  • No, apparently they eat the bacteria that thrive on the bark and plants they eat, which means they eat everything twice. Let’s face it, not even beavers like it when fish repeats on you, so they avoid it like the plague.
  • No, beavers are vegetarian.
  • No, they are vegetarians. But beavers smell like fish.
  • No, they just smell that way.
  • No. That’s it really 🙂 To quote the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, ” Food items include all above and below-ground parts of ferns, salal, nettles, fireweed, bleeding heart, salmonberry, brambles, dogwoods, vine maples, willows, alders, and conifers. Mountain beavers also eat rhododendrons and other ornamental perennials, shrubs, and trees.”
  • Nope, they’re vegans
  • Nope. A beaver is a vegetarian. I am glad you didn’t ask if they smell like fish…
  • Not sure. However I did happen to catch sight of some beaver at Harry Ramsdens on one occasion.
  • Only before they get married, just like humans.
  • Only during Lent.
  • Only if it’s dolphin friendly. Actually the little freaks are vegetarian.
  • Only if June forced him to.
  • Only if the fish doesn’t eat the beaver first.
  • Only on Fridays!
  • Only when they cant get any camembert. On fridays.
  • Stir fried only if at all
  • That would explains the smell of anchovies. Ohh sorry you weren’t referring to the term used describe a certain part of the female anatomy. No doubt all the happy Googlers will be having to explain to their collective spouses why all those dirty photos are now on their hard drives.
  • The big question is will fish eat beavers? My wife wanted to know the answer.
  • They would have to wouldn’t they? – All that Omega 3 ensures they can construct dams and know the weight restrictions for a load bearing beam etc. etc. – But actually no, they are strict vegetarians.
  • Ummmmm . . . yes, and the fish love it!
  • Was just going to write “no”. Then I got to thinking maybe this is based on a joke, or song. So I googled beaver joke. I think Dr. Bob played the joke on me after seeing the results.
  • Why do they smell like what???
  • Yes, and they have a recipe exchange the first Thursday of each quarter.

Question 3

Every year the Mayor of Maldon, UK goes down to the River Blackwater and eats a plateload of mussels taken from the river banks. Why?


To show solidarity with the poor people of the town, who used to live on mussels. Of course mussels are now very expensive. On the other hand, most residents of Maldon are now stinking rich as the town is a sought-after suburb of London. But the poor old mayors are still at it, carrying on centuries of tradition.

Additional Answers

  • A political stunt to prove to his constituents that the river water is clean.
  • Aliens need seafood. Hooray for Zoidberg!
  • Because he is hungry
  • Because he is too tight to buy them?
  • Because he is too weak to build his own mussels?
  • Because he likes them? – Sorry Dr. Bob, I can’t think of anything humourous, I will see how I go when I put answers in at the end of the month.
  • Because he lives on a public servant’s salary.
  • Because he’s an idiot who doesn’t think about the fact that they’re probably loaded with toxins from pollution and sewage runoff.
  • because it tastes very good
  • Because it’s the Maldon District Oyster & Seafood Festival.
  • Because the ‘mussels from brussels’ doesn’t like to get chewed on?
  • Because they are there.
  • Because they taste good?
  • ’cause he like ’em.
  • ‘Cause mussels are tasty.
  • Cos they’re yummy and he probably doesn’t have to pay for them either – nothing tastier than a free meal.
  • Good for the wood, old boy. Better than oysters. Speaking of Oysters it must have been a very hungry (or brave) man who ate the first oyster.
  • He is in fact an alien from the planet Pluto. Woops, from the dwarf planet Pluto. The Plutonians have a staple diet of e-coli, heavy metals, dioxins and neurotoxins. All of which are conveniently found in these tasty morsels. Would you like one?
  • He is too posh to be seen at Harry Ramsdens.
  • He likes to take chances
  • He says it’s to kick off the Oyster and Seafood festival they hold every September 1st to “put Maldon on the map.” Personally, I think it’s a bunch of political hooey. The truth must be some combination of “He likes mussels” and “He thinks mussels will make him move faster during the Mud Run”.
  • He’s a canary in a coal mine: if he doesn’t turn green, it’s officially a month without an ‘R’ in it and the populace can also chow down on the shellfish.
  • It is a pagan practice going back to pre roman britain, when the druids considered the mussel as sacred because of their similarity to the human female genitalia
  • it is a time-honored tradition
  • It’s his favourite Easter Friday food, of course (being the Mayor Reverend Tony Shrimpton).
  • It’s part of the annual Mussel Festival. He goes down there to pray to the gods of sewage that they will leave the mussels uncontaminated this year – if he lives then the festival is deemed to be a success. (This story is to be taken with a grain of salt)
  • It’s tradition. Anyway; what kind of river has plates of food floating along its banks?
  • Maldon is the home town of Captain Britain and the source of his power is said to be the Blackwater mussels
  • Maybe Maldish mayors maintain mussel muck minimal?
  • Publicity Stunt: Come and see the Mayor throw up!
  • She’s hungry and it’s Gods will.
  • Some habits are hard to break. This is one of those habits.
  • That’s the night his wife makes roast lamb. He doesn’t have the heart to tell her he’s allergic to it.
  • To appease the local (Celtic of course) River Gods.
  • To bless the oysters, after diseases and bad weather affected Maldon’s reputation for oysters in the 1960s.
  • To demonstrate that the water is not polluted, but the joke’s on him…
  • To get the votes of the mussel gatherers for re-election to the office of mayor.
  • To limit the amount of bribes he can take from local industries.
  • To prove it’s not contaminated
  • To prove the river toxins are down
  • To prove to everyone that the mussels are safe.
  • To reinforce ancient fishing rights. They then have an oyster festival in nearby Colchester where I used to live.
  • Tradition. Beats eating fish
  • Traditional payment of debts
  • Umm …… Because there’s a lot of mussels
  • Well he would look silly going to the Bank Of England and asking for a plate of mussels

Question 4

When Cadbury’s make Crunchie bars, how do they cut up the brittle honeycomb as it leaves the machine that makes it?


Jets of oil – water would dissolve it, knife would shatter it

Additional Answers

  • A commercial quality paper shredder. Very practical, that.
  • Actually I think they probably either make the honeycomb that size, or maybe they use a heated blade.
  • Ah the eternal question, the one everybody wants to know the answer to (except the guy operating the machine – he knows) – they dont cut it – they make it to size.
  • Aliens don’t each crunchie bars. They can’t metabolise it.
  • Another Machine
  • Bandsaw.
  • Brutally, savagely, inhumanely!
  • By laser
  • By somehow breaking the bonds which hold the atoms together, I guess by the use of some kind of force which in turn probably originated with a form of energy.
  • Carefully
  • Dr. Bob, would you like me to change the Wikipedia reference to something funnier than a jet of oil to see if you get some people to submit that? Hunh? Hunh?
  • During manufacturing of the Crunchie bar, the sponge toffee is produced in large slabs, and is cut up using a highly focused jet of oil. The use of a blade would lead to fragmentation, while the use of water would result in the sponge toffee melting. Oil prevents both of these scenarios, and results in uniform sharp-edged portions. The sponge toffee is then covered with chocolate, cooled, and packaged.
  • First made in the late 1920’s the method for honeycomb cutting is, to this day a secret maintained by a select group of Cadbury employees. They are know as the ‘gold boys’ in reference to the chocolate bar’s wrapping.
  • First the ingredients that are used to create the centres for each particular chocolate bar are mixed and cooked using steam, then cooled. The cooled centers are then passed though cutters on a conveyor belt and sliced to size. So I guess with something sharp.
  • Hot wire when the product is still soft
  • I once had the pleasure of a work experience stint at Balfours, putting the holes in crumpets with an old chopstick. I’m tippin’ its something similar.
  • It is cut up using a highly focused jet of oil. The use of a blade would lead to fragmentation, while the use of water would result in the sponge toffee melting. Oil prevents both of these scenarios, and results in uniform sharp-edged portions.
  • Laser guillotine
  • Laser!
  • Lasers. (Though not necessarily from outer space).
  • Maybe the machine makes it the right size. [Or maybe it doesn’t]
  • Probably when it leaves the machine, it’s still hot and therefore isn’t brittle. Must say I avoided the Cadbury’s factory in Dunedin – I had horrible morning sickness (which only finished with the birth of my daughter) and the smell of rancid chocolate permeating everything was enough to make me throw up into a plastic bag in the Big Fresh supermarket carpark once. The only thing worse was the Gregg’s coffee factory near St David St, which made the whole of North Dunedin stink.
  • The “Crunchie Fairy” waves her wand and TA-DA! the honeycomb is parted.
  • The gnomes drag their little knives across it as it come out.
  • the little dude on the cadbury website is using axes (I don’t remember seeing that on the tour) I don’t think they are very good at it as they give away lots of broken freebies at the factory.
  • The sponge toffee is produced in large slabs, and is cut by a highly focused jet of oil.
  • They get blind cambodian children to scrunch it up, because it’s cheaper
  • They have aliens with laser beam eyes
  • They tried blades but that caused the toffee to fragment. Jets of water made the toffee melt. The solution is a highly focused jet of oil which eliminates both problems and allows for uniform sharp-edged portions. And here, I thought Oil was only good for the car and the bedroom! [Well some people think Crunchie bars are only good for the car and the bedroom… they must get crumbs in their beds]
  • They use an oil jet, which has put me right off Crunchies. Is that the same as a Violet Crumble?
  • They use beavers. Don’t know how they get rid of the fish smell though.
  • They use high pressure jets of mayoral brand mussel oil specially imported from Maldon.
  • This process is also done by a machine. It is called a honeycomb cutter-upper.
  • Trade secret. If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.
  • Using a highly-focused jet of oil.
  • Very carefully.
  • Who cares? The real question is why do they cover it with such low quality chocolate? If they had a decent dark chocolate over it, I might be interested.
  • Why would you bother with such an inane question because everyone knows that Violet Crumble bars are so much better
  • With a friggin’ lot of patience, a steady hand and a tiny knife..
  • With a guy using two axes [So he’d be able to plot a graph then]
  • With a knife, dear Henry
  • With a sharp knife held at a 30 degree angle
  • With high pressure air.
  • With specially designed and trademarked Cadbury Crunchie Comb Cutters.
  • You mean honeycomb doesn’t come from bees????

Question 5

If you could travel back in time, and stood face to face with a live Tyrannosaurus Rex, what would it smell like?


His breath stank, probably enough to drop a stegosaurus at 20 paces. He didn’t have a toothbrush!

Correct Answers

  • It would lean down and go “Sniff, sniff”.
  • A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Additional Answers

  • Basically, the bigger the creature, the smellier they were. They might have open sores from fighting, and rotting meat stuck in the gaps between their teeth. So I guess the T-Rex smelled like a badly maintained slaughterhouse…
  • Beaver.
  • Because its little arms are too short for it to floss, it would smell of pus, tooth decay, and bacteria-laden rotting meat.
  • Better than pig shit, nothing smells worse than pig shit
  • By sniffing the air
  • Cheese
  • Chicken. Oh sorry thats how it would taste.
  • Crap. Because I would be shitting myself.
  • Diahorrea – because it would be running down my legs as I ran in a blind panic to get away from that monster.
  • Disgusting I tells ya
  • Experts suggest that it’s BREATH would smell open oral sores from fighting, rotting meat stuck in its teeth, etc. A company specifying in creating odours for displays consulted experts and made such an odour based on consultation with experts, but were so repelled by the resulting stench that a “milder, swamp-like” odour was used instead.
  • I think all I would be smelling if I stood in face to face with a T-Rex is my own wastes from soiling myself…
  • I would assume it would depend on the T Rex’s last meal. Although I suspect a strong overtone of my own urine.
  • I would not be able to smell it over the stench of my own terror
  • I wouldn’t be worried about sniffing it’s skin, I’d be more worried about getting the hell out of there. But I’d like to think it would smell like pineapples. I like pineapples.
  • If I was face-to-face with a live Tyrannosaurus Rex I’m sure that the smell emanating from my underpants would far outweigh any rotting flesh smell emanating from the T-Rex.
  • If I’m face-to-face with a tyrannosaur, I’ve obviously grown to 4 times my normal size during the journey. It’s probably crapping itself at being faced with a 20 foot bloke from Bolton, which would explain the smell I guess.
  • If you traveled back in time and were standing face to face with a T-Rex, are you really going to notice how it smells?
  • it would be big nasty and stinky according to dr jack horner
  • It would smell like a dinosaur
  • It would smell like whatever it eats, so probably rotten meat. Mind you, otter poo smells like freshly mown grass, so go figure.
  • Like a live Tyrannosaurus Rex. (What were you expecting – roses?)
  • Like dead animals.
  • Open sores and rotting meat
  • Planet earth, 65+ million years ago, face to face with one of the largest predatory animals that has ever existed, I can only smell one thing and its not him…
  • Popular theory is that T-Rex was a scavenger and as such would have smelled of rotting meat. Even if I went back in time, however, I would be unable to tell. Face to face with one all I would be able to smell is the odor of feces wafting up from my shorts.
  • Probably A lot like goanna shit
  • Probably like my mother in law during her period?
  • Put it this way. If you managed to escape, you’d never be able to open a can of dog-food again without breaking a sweat.
  • Riding a white swan in the summertime blues while reading a telegram from Sam.
  • Rotten flesh – poor dental hygiene – no wonder they’re extinct. Sadly, I would have no opportunity to share this news, as I would become part of the rotting flesh, be that I’m standing face to face.
  • Rotten meat probably, since it didn’t brush its teeth very often. On the other hand, if I were face to face with a live T. Rex, I think I would have other things on my mind than its bad breath if I also wanted to remain alive…
  • Rotting Flesh. Not that it would bother me – i would be running in the opposite direction.
  • Shit. Mine
  • Smell like beaver who just ate some fish
  • sweaty dinosaur – no showers back then
  • Tandoori chicken
  • That depends on whether you are standing in front of or behind it.
  • The last thing you remembered
  • The smell would be overpowered by the smell emanating from my nether regions.
  • Too bad they hadn’t invent Alka-Seltzer, because of a breath of rotting flesh.
  • Whatever it just ate.
  • You lose your sense of smell in backtime travels
  • You’d never get a chance to take a sniff, you’d be gobbled up immediately.

Question 6

Where’s this?


Almaty, formerly Alma-Ata (43 15N 76 55 E) which means “Place of Apples” in Kazakh – the locals reckon all apples in the world are descended from apples from this area (therefore, they can be blamed for Tasmania). It’s not my picture – the photographer recalls it was on the Kok-Tobe mountain, not resolved by Google Earth but probably on the rectangular platform at 43* 14’ 00.1” N, 76* 58’ 34.5”

Additional Answers

  • This is an outdoor public urinal at Microsoft Headquarters.
  • A golden apple…hmmm, that ain’t a New York skyline. In honour of Paris? Troy? Hercules? Eris? Aphrodite? –in Greece? Or wherever Dr. Bob just jetted.
  • A lifesize model of Jenghis Khan’s left testicle
  • The emblem of Mongolia’s second city, Mongapplia.
  • Apple Fountain Colorado.
  • Apple fountain…mmmm…..tasmainia, no too obvious – lenswood, sa
  • Apple headquarters in California – silicon valley
  • Apple-Shaped Water Features R-Us, Idiotville, Texas.
  • As of 09/07/2005 18:11, aforementioned APPLE was sitting on a cement slab for no apparent reason.
  • At the fountain.
  • Can I get half credit for answering when’s this? For an apple to be that large in September it must be in the Northern hemisphere. In the US Washington and Michigan are known for apple production. The scenery looks more Washington like. Therefore I say Iceland.
  • Canada
  • Directly above the skeletal remains of Sir Isaac Newton
  • Earth
  • Garden of Eden – see the giant apple with the gift of everlasting life? Or wait, maybe it is Greece, though Paris’s apple was meant to be all gold, not just the leaf.
  • Have to be Tassie, I will just need to check a map…
  • Hudson River Park
  • I asked the aliens, but they don’t know. The “Intelligent Designer” (otherwise known as God) won’t talk to me ever since he saw me with his girlfriend. And the spirits keep on telling me that they are happy in the otherworld, I can’t get a word in edgewise! I’m going to have to get a better medium.
  • I’m not really sure but Tasmania has a lot of apples. It could be Tasmania’s gift to Denmark. So, either Tasmania or Denmark. Or wherever Newton hung out. Probably not Iceland.
  • In a public park
  • In the apple isle obviously
  • Is that another one of your holiday snaps?
  • It’s a toss up between Mt Fugi Japan, the Appleachian Mountains in USA or Mt Wellington Hobart
  • It’s an Homage to Earth situated on the planet Zirchnog.
  • It’s not in Tassie (Although I think we should have one). I’ll guess Japan – maybe it’s a fuji apple.
  • It’s the Satanic Garden of Eden Victory Commemoration Fountain Dr Bob.
  • Judging by the date, it is somewhere close to the place which Dr Bob visited on the holiday alluded to in June’s quiz answers.
  • Just after 6pm in July and the shadow’s directly below the sculpture – somewhere in northern Finland.
  • New York
  • Next to my place. What did you say the prize was?
  • No idea, but I suspect somewhere to do with Apple Inc, or Isaac Newton… or a town famous for apples…
  • Olympus, or the remnants of Troy, could this be the infamous “Apple of Discord” made so famous by young Paris.
  • On Earth (I am right I know it)
  • On my screen at the moment right in front of my friggin nose! d0h!
  • On Steven Jobs’ estate. Apples are his deal.
  • On the internet
  • On the patio!
  • On top of the waterworks
  • Silicone valley
  • Sol III
  • Tasmania.
  • Tassie? Apple Isle and all.
  • The Garden Of Eden, it’s the rotten apple that caused the expulsion.
  • Wasn’t it New York where James landed with his peach?


  • A bit fishy this month.
  • Australia rightfully mourns Steve Irwin, a brave popularizer of natural history. Was he a skeptic?
  • Ever since I gave up doing a job I hate for something much more fun and for considerably more money, I’ve found I have less time for Dr Bob’s quiz. Do you think I should go back to my old job?
  • Fun
  • Heheheh.. I love this sh*t. [Well don’t Bogart it, pass it over to me]
  • Hi Bob, how are you going? I have a toothache.
  • Hi! I’m back from Greece and back at work! This is working… BTW, if you like chocolate covered honeycomb the BEST is at Fenix restaurant in Melbourne. Try it next time you are out this way.
  • just guessing for fun
  • Keep up the great work. I’m sending you my sub next week.
  • Lovely test mate
  • mmmmm
  • more more
  • more power to you!
  • nice quiz
  • Nice try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh well, not very good this week. I had some fun searching for some of the answers. Mind you, I want to know what is so awful about this site that our work filters block it. (They still let the Creationists in though)
  • Once I actually cared about answering these questions, now it is infinitely more enjoyable to do the quiz when I’m fully cut on free booze from the QANTAS Club
  • Please help! They’ve got Anal-Probes! No, No… AAAAAARRRGH! Well… that was relatively painful.
  • quick fire answers means no waiting, no delay…sorry the shows on here in adelaide
  • Still living the dream, Dr. Bob?
  • There is no number here, and thanks for removing the clear button. Saved me at least 20 seconds.
  • This is my first attempt at your quiz. Please be gentle with me Dr Bob.
  • Tim Tams for ever! And watch out for those rays.
  • When apartheid ended and embargoes were lifted the European ballet troupe sent a pair of costumes to the South African president in honor of their first tour in years. Sensing the upcoming political upheaval and wanting to be fair they sent . . .two tutus to TuTu, too.
  • Where does the white go when the snow melts?
  • Why?
  • Yeah, Mongolia, since it’s not in Iceland, or the William Tell monument, and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with chess, Hitler, blind Icelandic guitarists, Woolly Bully, Captain Beefheart or Christianity. (Have I missed anything?) [Yes – you missed the Titanic – Pity you’re not an iceberg]