Answers for August 2010

Ah, August 2010, and I was still on holiday in a place that is not shown on most maps of the world. A land with lots of seeds but no soil. A land even further north than Iceland … and being on a cruise ship, I was able to surf and send e-mail, but at a cost of $0.15 per kB (yes, kB, not MB or GB). So, I apologise again for the late answers. Interest in the quiz waned this month too … so I’ll follow the sage advice in the only comment and declare as the WINNER:

Stephen Roberts

After all these years, my mother will at last be proud.

Question 1

What was the song on the flip-side of the Pink Floyd’s first single originally called?


Eventually “Candy and A Currant Bun”, but originally “Let’s Roll Another One”

Additional Answers

  • “Several Species of Small Funny Musicians Gathered Together in a Studio and Grooving With a Prick”
  • “We’re shithouse without Syd”
  • An anagram of Loathen’ Stoner Roll’n
  • Dunno, but Adam Ant’s first was, er, flippant.
  • My short term memory is all shot to hell – I can’t remember.

Question 2

Among Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, how many albums were produced in non-English speaking countries?


One, number 253 in the list, by Kraftwerk.

Additional Answers

  • One, presuming you’ll allow the Americas as English-speaking, or zero if you consider Sweden English-speaking.
  • 0
  • But isn’t the US, or at least substantial parts thereof, non-English speaking? Please be more specific, Dr Bob, before I can answer accurately.
  • They all speak english…one need only speak more loudly and slowly for them to understand. So my answer is ‘none’.
  • Well obviously there’s the Australian Crawl album, so at least one.

Question 3

What 7-letter words starting with SUB and CON are mathematically linked to the word DEWFALL?


SUBPLOT and CONJURE – deciphered from the digits of -pi-

Additional Answers

  • Ay?
  • Google? whaz that?
  • I was thinking SUBmarine and CONning (tower) but the first is >7 letters and the second has no math link to DEWFALL or even RAINFALL or SNOWFALL that I can elicit. Pass…
  • ject, join, sist or vert, so I’ll say . . . SUBVERT, CONVERT, divided by the square-root of DEWFALL which were . . . codewords for the invasion of Normandy? No? Zog dammit!

Question 4

Who said, and on what occasion: “Such things should not happen in wartime; have you Germans no sense of honor left at all?”


Corporal Hitler, concerning the game of football on Xmas Day in no-man’s land

Additional Answers

  • Cpl Hilter to his comrades for exchanging football headers, Christmas greetings and food with the Brits, 1915
  • AH but he almost certinly used a u in honour. ( see comment about them all speaking english above)
  • John Cleese, ?
  • Major Dennis Bloodnok in “The Man Who the War” (Goon Show Series 6, Ep 1), 18 September 1955. Bloodnok was responding (offstage) to the dastardly Germans who dropped cardboard bombs on the full scale cardboard replica of England.
  • Of course it was your old buddy Adolf. He was a good one to talk about honour.

Question 5

How many miles to the gallon – no, how many feet to the pound (of coal) did the Titanic burn? (before it hit any icebergs)


One foot per pound.

Additional Answers

  • 690 tons per day = 1,380,000 pounds/day if regular tons, 24 regular miles/day = 126,720 feet/day = 10.9 pounds/foot . . . but at her top speed of 28 miles, that’s a magically sinister 13 pounds of coal per foot. Dun dun DUNNNN!
  • 12,300
  • I can’t remember, but the hybrid version was much more eco-friendly.
  • Perhaps you mean how many pounds of coal did the big T burn for every foot she travelled? I dont think they burned feet in the ships furnaces – not even steerage feet…any way back to my answer… “ship loads (of coal) per foot”.
  • Tch, Dr Bob, how are we meant to answer that one when everybody knows Leonardo DiCaprio took all the fuel consumption data with him to Davy Jones’ locker?

Question 6

What is the origin of these “Mystery Meteors” photographed from the Space Shuttle?


The three stars in the Belt of Orion, distorted by window glass.

Additional Answers

  • The Perseids? Chunks of insulation [oooh, too soon?] Blue ice?
  • Dust motes in the shuttle’s internal atmosphere? Or, more likely, flecks of space debris left over from Xenu’s voyage to Earth 75 million years earlier.
  • Origin? How far back do you want me to go? There is only one the begining was the word and the word, it seems, was poo.
  • Well they could be meteors, but that wouldn’t be much of a mystery. Must be aliens then.
  • We’re all star stuff, Man


  • Drugs, AH, That boat, Faecal matter, Origin myths – a jam packed quiz this month. You have excelled yourself. Name your good self winner. Bask in the glory.

Have a go!

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