Answers for June 1997

Our WINNER for JUNE 1997 is:

Ian Boehm

who claims to come from Roswell – as everyone should, if they find themselves there. But really he works at the Bureau of Meteorology and he says “the weather is here, wish you were beautiful”.

Question 1

What nation has a flag of only one color?


Libya (green flag)

Alternative answers:

  • Fujayrah – in the Persian Gulf – red flag. [Never heard of it, and sounds dangerous]
  • Libya, and Greenland should have a green flag too
  • Libya, and Greenpeace
  • Austria or Japan – red & white flag, but white is not a colour
  • Libya, home of cheapskate flag makers

Question 2

How old was Joan of Arc when she was burned at the stake?


on 30/5/1431, aged 19 (or possibly 18, since DoB was 1412 but date unknown)

Alternative answers:

  • I say, I say, I say, if Noah’s Ark was made of Gopher Wood, what was Joan of Arc made of? – She was Maid of Orleans. [I don’t wish to know that. Kindly leave the page]

Question 3

In 1867 how many different kinds of hammer were being made in Birmingham (UK)?


500 – (see The Unnatural Nature of Science, by Lewis Wolpert, for this and many other silly facts.)

Alternative answers:

  • There were 1,800 patents [Wow!]
  • One, but it was a really useful and versatile hammer
  • Whatever number, obviously not enough because Birmingham is still standing
  • Five – One to hammer in the morning, one to hammer in the evening, one to hammer out danger, one to hammer out warning, and one to hammer out the love between my brothers and my sisters, all over this land [Thank you – don’t give up your day job – next please]
  • Why is there always ONE question from way out in left field that is totally weird that nobody can answer? [You should try to avoid my Live Trivia Quiz at every December meeting of Victorian Skeptics, where ALL 40-60 questions are like this and since the scores are so low, the prizes are awarded to the team with the best star signs]

Question 4

What is the total national population of Kalallit Nunaat (formerly Greenland)?


55,000 approx

Alternative answers:

  • 60,000, or if you include penguins, 60,000
  • 6 million [ummm … sorry, wrong story]
  • It’s too foggy, you can’t see them

Question 5

A room contains Astronomers, Belgians, and Christians. No Astronomer is a Belgian, but all the Belgians are Christians. Therefore which one of these statements follows? (a) Some Christians are not Astronomers (b) None of the Astronomers is a Christian (c) All the Christians are Belgians (d) There must also be people present who are neither A nor B nor C


(a) – Draw a Venn diagram which will look like either (A) (C(B)) or (C(A)(B)) – either way there is at least one Christian among the Belgians who cannot be an Astronomer. If there were no Christians among the Belgians, then there would be no Belgians at all. [What a wonderful prospect.]

Alternative answers:

  • You stated the question first and then after that you put the four statements. Therefore all of the statements follow the question. [love-15 …. ]
  • (d) because nobody has labelled anybody yet as “A”, “B” or “C” [Fair enough. I was trying to save black electrons]
  • I don’t like this. Why would anyone wish to be present in a room with Belgian Christians? [Indeed – even the Astronomers would rather be outside]