Answers for March 2007

Late as ever (been in Japan again – I have an excuse every month, sometimes the same one) here’s the March 2007 answers. Our WINNER for March comes from Coolgardie. Most people do. Two weeks effort well spent – congratulations,

Linda Houston

Question 1

Who possesses a painting depicting himself with Albert Einstein, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Mona Lisa and E.T.?


Michael Jackson. All the characters in the painting are wearing sunglasses and a white glove.

Additional Answers

  • Adolph Hitler, that’s what I’d a call a regular Mt. Rushmore
  • Andy Warhol
  • Bill Clinton
  • Bill Gates
  • Dave Hicks. He has other delusions as well.
  • Dr Who. All of them.
  • George Bush.
  • Homer Simpson
  • I do. Well, it’s more of a pencil-sketch than a painting, and I look a bit more like ET than ET does. And I didn’t really know what Washington looks like, so I just drew some old dude.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s George Bush…
  • If I were the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, this would be the sort of thing I would do. So my answer is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
  • If Michael Jackson hasn’t got one already, he wants one now. (F**k, I just googled it and I’m right. Damn, that means it’s no longer funny. 8^P)
  • It has to be someone with either an enormous ego, or someone who is seriously a Wacko, or possible both… aha! It’s John Howard! Or Michael Jackson. Is that John Howard in the chimpanzee suit?
  • Jesus of course…either him or Dave Hawley.
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson He believes these persons are his peers. They also all get to wear the signature sunglasses and white gloves of Mr Jackson. At $200,000 its a steal. I wonder if they all got swap noses too?
  • Michael Jackson – supposedly. Has anyone ever actually seen it?
  • Michael Jackson and his ‘peers’ with shades and white gloves.
  • Michael Jackson has this painting. However, he is not depicted as himself in the painting but as Napoleon.
  • Michael Jackson, who has been reduced to collecting paintings. (He used to have an extensive photography collection, but he sold that off to R. Kelly to make money to cover his legal expenses.)
  • Michael Jackson, though that might make E.T. redundant.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Michael Jackson. It cost him $200,000. Cheap at twice the price!
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Peter Foster (In his Curriculum Vitae)
  • Picasso! Except it looks more like a deformed cat. if you look closely, you can see them all.
  • Probably Spielberg. If you want one though, Dr. Bob, there is a guy at our county fair who . . .
  • Sheik Taj el Hilali
  • Steven Spielberg – Arrogant pratt.
  • Sum Yung Gai
  • The great trilobite witch of the Saturnian Ocean – she is rather good at possessing non-animated objects.
  • Wacko Jacko AKA Michael Jackson. I don’t think that requires further explanation.
  • Wacko Jacko himself. aka Michael Jackson. He should add Muhammed as well now…
  • Waldo Le Touristen. The guy on the fake photo of 9/11. Always in our hearts.

Question 2

Where is the world’s longest runway?


Area 51/Edwards AFB, although there is a long civil one in China

Additional Answers

  • I thought it was Stansted, but it turned out that my EasyJet pilot was 90 degrees out with his approach, but I guess that’s what you get for going “no-frills”
  • I saw your posted answers for March this morning and I doubt the answer to Q2. = Area 51. In google earth you can clearly see that over there a runway of 12 km can’t fit because extending the principal runway into Groom Lake gives “only” about 8-9 km. Meanwhile in the very nearby Edwards Airbase (34.54 N, 117.53W) the extension into Rogers Lake measures 12.1 km (or 7.5 miles or 15000 feet). It is the landing place of the space shuttle and works together with Area 51 on secret projects for the airforce. Look in Wikipedia for Edwards Airbase and scroll down to “Main Base” and look for runway 17/35. Check if your runway in China extends 12.1 km. If you are referring to Bangdag airport: yes they have a long runway due to high altitude but it is much shorter than the 17/35.
  • Antarctica
  • Area 51
  • At 12.1km, Edwards AFB in the US claims to be the longest paved runway. A mid-sized jet could safely take off and land again in the same action on a runway that long. In theory, a smooth frozen lake could double as a runway and be longer.
  • Central America? South America? I forget exactly where but I do know without a shadow of a doubt that Erich von Daniken discovered it.
  • Chamdo Bangda Airport, People’s Republic of China (5500m)
  • Chamdo Bangda Airport, People’s Republic of China. At 5,500 meters is the longest standard type runway actually in use. Well supposedly. Google Earth shows a certain lack of any aeroplanes anywhere near it. Edwards Air Force Base (USA) has longer dirt runways, basically just a dry lake bed miles in any direction. Also Nellis Air Force Base has an old unused one that was 5,503 meters but I don’t think that counts anymore.
  • Chicago
  • China, Chamdo Bangda Airport
  • China, Chamdo Bangda Airport
  • China, Chamdo Bangda Airport
  • China, Chamdo Bangda Airport
  • China, Chamdo Bangda Airport.
  • Define “world”. In the plutonian world, the longest runway is located at N36’27”, W40’11”. Space trilobites use this runaway quite often.
  • Edwards Air Force Base originally kown as Muroc Army Air Field, is located on the border of Kern County and Los Angeles County, California in the Antelope Valley, 7 miles (11 km) due east of Rosamond in the USA.
  • Edwards Air Force Base; for the shuttle: 7.5 miles. Area 51 [booga booga!] is 2nd, and apparently Dubai is trying to build the longest commercial runway.
  • Edwards Airforce Base, USA.
  • Either it’s at the Edwards Air Force Base in YouSay where the shuttle lands, or it’s the length of asphalt between the grade 3 portable classroom and the principal’s office. As I remember, it was a very, VERY long walk. The more I think about it, the more my money’s on Greenhills Primary School.
  • El Bourño. It takes ages to take off there.
  • Heaven of course. God almighty has to round up the new arrivals. Imagine all them planes made of fluffy white clouds, he needs the room.
  • I’ll go with Area 51.
  • In Soviet Russia, the glorious motherland.
  • In the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Japan
  • Muroc Army Air Field has many long runways, the longest of which, KEDW, is the world’s longest runway stretching a runaway 7.5 miles in length.
  • Nazca lines of Peru. When you are dropping into sublight, and screaming thru the sky, you need a really long runway.
  • Ooh, it would have to be an American thing… Edwards Air Force Base.
  • Route 66
  • Should be at 6 miles SW of Edwards, CA (Edwards air force base) with a length of 12,1 km, (but that does not fit with the overall theme of the questions; are you referring to the roadrunner? (
  • somewhere with cheap real estate
  • Switzerland, don’t they close the roads or something for planes to land?
  • Texas
  • That’d be the catwalk Naomi Campbell tripped over, while wearing those hideous Vivian Westwood objet d’art things.
  • The animal runways in the Brazilian Rain Forest
  • The North Pole, where Santa has the big modelling show. He has to figure out what to get the naughty girls.
  • The Pacific Ocean, but you have to be in a seaplane to use it.
  • The Paris fashion show. But if you want to land a plane the Edwards Airforce Base where they land the Space Shuttle. The original name was Muroc Army Air Field and the runway known as KEDW
  • There are long unpaved ones at Edwards Air Force Base (USA). Having read some about runways what I want to know is if a widebody plane makes an emergency landing at an airport with a 3500m runway what do they do with the jet since it needs 4000m to take off. Maybe you know someone you can ask, Dr. Bob.
  • Where they have room. Edwards Air Force Base.
  • Why Muroc Army Air Field, of course! You whipper-snappers refer to it as “Edwards Air Force Base” as it was renamed in Nineteen Hundred and Fifty after one of them Test Pilots that got all the good lookin’ nurses in dubyah dubyah two.

Question 3

During the filming of Richard III, in a battle scene the lead actor Sir Laurence Olivier was genuinely wounded in the leg by a stray arrow. What was done to allow filming to continue?


Nothing – he was already limping on that leg as part of the role. Wikipedia adds “Some of the key changes include the seduction of Anne being split into two scenes instead of one, Queen Margaret being cut entirely, and the execution of Clarence being abridged” … the mind boggles

Additional Answers

  • A nip of brandy would have lifted Sir Laurence’s spirits (pardon the pun).
  • An old trooper like Sir Larry? He would’ve carried on (a la Sir Ian as Gandalf unintentionally nearly braining himself on a low rafter in the opening scenes of the first LOTR fillum) until the scene was in the can. He would even have limped on his good leg in later filming if need be to preserve continuity. Unless he was arrowed in Richard’s limping leg, in which case he could just carry on limping. (“Carry On Limping” did not actually star Laurence Olivier, because good as he was he just couldn’t get the timing right; “Help me, Matron, I’ve got a limp?” “Limp what?”etc.)
  • Olivier continued with the scene, with blood pulsing out of his leg, making sure the action was captured on film before seeking assistance. Fortunately, the arrow hit him in his left leg, the one on which his Richard was supposed to limp, and he no longer had to act the infirmity for the part. (
  • Big boys don’t cry, so he tried to suck it up and continue filming. His watery eyes were a dead giveaway though.
  • Clone the actor and let the cloned copy to take over the acting. There is no other explanation.
  • cut to ad break
  • Did you mean “lead” as in Pb or as in top billing? If the former, the arrow would have bounced off. If the latter the firer would have been, er, shafted.
  • During one sequence, Olivier suffered an arrow wound to the shin. Fortunately, it was on the leg Richard was supposed to limp on, allowing the scene to continue.
  • Ensuring it was caught on film, upon discovering it was, Olivier said “Get me off this bloody Horse & to a Doctor!”
  • Fortunately, it was the leg Crookback Dick was supposed to limp with. “The first day’s shooting outside of Madrid had a profound effect on Olivier’s physical portrayal of Richard. A misplaced arrow lodged in his leg rather than the armored shoulder of his horse, which did as it was trained and fell upon the actor. Olivier continued with the scene, with blood pulsing out of his leg, making sure the action was captured on film before seeking assistance. Fortunately, the arrow hit him in his left leg, the one on which his Richard was supposed to limp, and he no longer had to “act” the infirmity for the part.”
  • He simply limped as it was in the leg he was supposed to limp with.
  • I think they switched Richard III’s limp to Olivier’s injured leg.
  • Internet opinion seems to vary (as usual) but eyewitness accounts say Sir Laurence spoke about the scene (which was used in the film) at some length and then asked for a doctor. Luckily the wound was in the same leg he limped on to play the part so he just went from a fake limp to a real one.
  • It was amputated and replaced with a prosthesis.
  • It was the leg that Richard lll (played by Laurence Olivier) was suppose to be limping on anyway, so filming continued.
  • King Richard decided that it would be a good strategic point in the battle to lie down and play dead.
  • Kiss the boo-boo and make it all better. Then apply a sticking plaster.
  • Luckily, Richard III had limp and it was in the correct leg for that. It just meant Laurence didn’t have fake the limp!
  • Nothing – limp was required anyway
  • Nothing much, Richard III had a limp in the same leg.
  • Nothing, he finished the scene. Fortunately the leg hit was the same leg Richard III had a limp in, so Olivier no longer had to act the limp.
  • Nothing, he was supposed to limp using that leg in the scene anyway 🙂
  • Nothing, it was the leg he was supposed to limp on
  • Nothing. For R III’s limp the left leg was the right leg.
  • pink bandage
  • removing the arrow
  • Replace him with someone else.
  • Someone fired another arrow into his arse to take his mind off the one in his leg
  • The arrow was retrieved and its wounds dressed.
  • The director didn’t say CUT!
  • The men in black wiped Sir Laurence Olivier’s memory and they just put in a replacement. Sir Laurence believed he did the scenes all along.
  • The wound caused him to limp which was actually his characters requirement in the movie so the movie continued.
  • They brought in Kenneth Branagh to finish it off.
  • They filmed the parts where a limp was actually required.
  • Through amazing direction, or sheer dumb luck depending on who you ask, Olivier was shot in the same leg he had already been using for the Richard III limp. So, he just kept limping through the rest of the performance…
  • Well they stopped using real arrows for a start. They tugged the arrow out, stopped the bleeding, popped some Savlon and a band aid on and Sir Larry being the stoic sort, he struggled on bravely and filming continued. How romantic. He of course later passed out from blood loss but the show still went on. Crikey, lucky it only hit his leg eh?

Question 4

In the Disney cartoon Three Little Pigs (1933), the Big Bad Wolf was modelled on an actual person disliked by Walt Disney. What later film featured a villain modelled on the same person?


Richard III (the person was Jed Harris)

Additional Answers

  • “The Madness of King George.” Mr. Disney’s enigmatic hatred for George IV has never been explained.
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Adolf Hitler (not again…hahaha)
  • All the King’s Men
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Captain Hook
  • Carl Laemmle who very sneakily tricked Disney into signing the rights to Oswald rabbit away. Schmuck. There was a character in Van Helsing but he was a goody. This second part is too hard and I am falling asleep. So I give up on the film bit.
  • Citizen Kane
  • Cruella DeVille
  • Dancing with Wolves
  • Director Jed Harris
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Disney was notoriously anti-Semitic so the BBW was probably modelled on Groucho Marx. The later film was “Sesame Street”, featuring Oscar the Grouch. Do I get double points for this answer?
  • Donald Duck
  • Dr. Bob’s sceptical quiz – The quizzening..
  • Er, Richard III, how easy was that? OK, ok, the guy was Jed Harris and it seems very few people liked him. Including Olivier.
  • Fantasia
  • For a certain famously excised segment, the BBW was based on Carl Laemmle (head of Universal). Umm, the Van Helsing character Carl was named for the same guy, but he wasn’t a villain as such… Clutching at straws…
  • Freeway with Kiefer Sutherland
  • Fuller Brush Girl
  • His wife, she was a dog so the wolf was modelled after her. That’s why Cinderella had the evil ugly step mum, Walt figured she may have remarried.
  • I can find this out for you Dr. Bob. I am participating in an email tracking pilot with Microsoft. Soon I will have a free trip to Disney World where I can do some research. Maybe I will see you there Dr. Bob as I forwarded the email to you. That is unless you decide to take the $2500 US instead.
  • i thought it was a generic ” fuller brush man” he hated jews so i will say …..sheik taj el hilali
  • Jed Harris (born Jacob Hirsch Horowitz in Lviv, Austria-Hungary) February 25, 1900 – November 15, 1979. The above mentioned Richard III saw the king based on Harris. Ooooh, how horribly circular Dr Bob!
  • Jed Harris. Cool Runnings (that darn East German driver)
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson
  • Not sure about the wolf, but I know what happened to the suckling pigs. One was roasted, one was baked and one was BBQed.
  • Oooh oooh oooh I know this one! Sir Larry reckoned that he modelled his Richard on Jed Harris! Maybe he was hairy and unpleasant and pushed people’s houses over when he was hungry. I don’t know if he had a limp, though. Limp anything.
  • Piano
  • Richard III by Olivier
  • Roosevelt
  • Seachange.
  • Silence of the Lambs.
  • Snow White
  • Teenwolf
  • That was Richard III (
  • The Bad and the Beautiful, which I was shocked to find is not a biographical look at Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage. You know me, always looking for that common theme in the quiz questions!
  • Theatrical producer, Jed Harris was the person disliked by Walt Disney. Laurence Olivier was later to play the lead role in Richard III & based his character on the same person.
  • Walt hates everyone, thats why he made a place where people could pay good money to stand in long lines all day. The human trap operated by a mouse.
  • Walt was a known antisemite and attended meetings of the American Nazi Party in the 30’s. I’ll guess the movie to be Dr Strangelove.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Question 5

What future year is the setting for the Japanese manga Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?


3115, according to an obscure page in Wikipedia that I was confident that nobody could ever find. Now I can’t find it either. Damn page got edited during the month. Bobobobugger.
Also 300X, according to another source.

Additional Answers

  • 1917
  • 1974
  • 1978
  • 1984
  • 2005
  • 2020
  • 2030
  • 2030
  • 2046, when cockroaches take over the world.
  • 2099
  • 2500
  • 3000
  • 3001.5. It’s a wonder Fry and Leela don’t run into the Manga crew.
  • 300X
  • 300X, how about some questions regarding Batman: the Animated Series? [OK, here’s one: What is the big deal about Batman, the Animated Series?]
  • 300X, X > 6.
  • 31st century. Close enough?
  • 31st century …. i wouldnt cheat
  • 8080
  • About 3000, or early in the 4th millenium.
  • bobbooo-booobo-boo
  • I disbelieve in the existence of this manga and move to the next question.
  • I had to stop investigating after learning of the Nose-hair attack system.
  • In the year 300X, of course! I mean, when else would you expect it to be?
  • Judging how fast their technology grows, it’s probably set in present day Japan. After all, the mouse is an elephant built by the Japanese.
  • Knowing the Jap. cartoons, it’s probably got some raunchy scenes with future machines. Should be called booboob-boob-boob.
  • Obob-ob-ob-obobob.
  • Originally 2005.
  • The year “300X”. Presumably, the world is overrun with 1) bonobo chimps, 2) manga-crazed teenagers or 3) descendants of Dr Bob. Just imagine it, they’d be running around, shrieking, dangling from the trees, hurling dung, constantly having sex. And the bonobos wouldn’t be any quieter. Sorry, working on my script for “Carry On Bobobobobob” – “Dr Bob, are you walking with a limp?” “Limp what?” etc.
  • The year 300X ( or
  • The year of the uninspirational manga titles.
  • Time is only a concept!
  • Well it’s in the 31st Century…
  • What’s a “manga”? Is it a tropical fruit for Japanese dyslexics, perhaps?
  • Who? Who is Bobobobobobobo. Wasn’t he Michael Jackson’s chimp? Someone tells me 300x. That’s NOT a year but hey with a name like Boboboboboboboboboboobobobobobobo, well …..

Question 6

What’s for breakfast?



Additional Answers

  • “ eating sand…” Yum! “Titanic” by Jack T. Chick 1983 (art by Fred Carter). Amazon Standard Identification Number:B00072QTIS. To quote Amazon: “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or IF this title will be in stock again.”….well, there IS a god after all!
  • “Yes, Chester. I’m afraid we’ll be eating sand for breakfast” So, it’s Sand
  • be late
  • Chester.
  • children
  • die before
  • eating sand
  • eggs
  • Fish
  • Flake
  • frozen food
  • Have nothing.
  • Iced tea
  • If you’re going on a boat with a bunch of posh snobs, you’ll kill them out of frustration and therefore…I’m afraid we’ll ‘be killed’ for breakfast.
  • Kippers
  • Ladies and Children. (the full statement was, “Yes, Chester. I’m afraid we’ll be shark bait for breakfast.”).
  • Leonardo DiCaprio. On ice.
  • Looks like a scene from the infamous Titanic. Guess they will all be eating planktons for breakfast – stir-fired with daikon and lemon grass, served with a starfish reduction.
  • Meat and two vege. (Look where Chesters right hand is)
  • Nothing. How saad!
  • Salty icecubes instead of kippers; who would notice the difference?
  • Sand
  • Sand
  • Sand
  • Sand
  • Sand! It’s the incomparable Jack Chick and his nutty tracts!
  • Sand! Or, as Homer Simpson would say, “Mmmm…Saaaaaaand.”
  • Seawater. Lots and lots of seawater.
  • Steak, Chips, Eggs, 3 rounds of Toast, juice, & coffee. Oh, you mean the picture… erm… Women & children?
  • The covered up bit in the picture should say “be eating sand”. Which makes no sense to me. Although I sort of know what is meant. Why not have an early breakfast before the ship sinks? Sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, grapefruit juice and coffee. Plenty of time.
  • The new Starbucks breakfast sandwiches!! McDonalds isn’t going to be very happy, they’re losing their marketshare 😦
  • The two men who are conversing in the background are the course. They are on the sinking Titanic and will be eaten by sharks for breakfast. Simple.
  • There are only two things that survived the sinking of the titanic, cockroaches and twinkies. So my guess is one of those.
  • These damn capitalists in this damn capitalist picture! They are for breakfast.
  • These men are bound for hell, where they shall eat naught but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola.
  • They are (for the sharks).
  • Toast – as in, they’re toast.
  • water
  • Well there’s only room for two words isn’t there? Eating sand is the two words. Do I get extra points for telling you that Chester drowns and his name is not in the book of life and he heads south? Good question, I spent nearly two weeks on this one. [Ye gods, two weeks and at the end you find a tract by Jack Chick. You’ll get extra points in heaven]
  • Wow. You’re the first quizmaster I’ve ever slept with who’s hung around for breakfast. They usually do a runner before I wake up. Last night’s pizza ok?
  • Yes, Chester. I’m afraid we’ll “Be locked up as illegal immigrants be’-for Breakfast. Seems they have excised the entire country from the migration zone.


  • ???? What happened? I found all the answers in a couple of hours. Well I think I did. Is it a time warp? Have I gone completly mad? Probably both. Unless of course I got the answers wrong then all would be well with the world. Normality restored from an improbablity factor of (insert improbably large ratio in here).
  • Am I correct?
  • Am scribbling this on April 1st. If it’s too late for inclusion the joke’s on me…
  • Back again. After a month of absence.
  • Bloody hell!
  • Capitalism sucks!
  • cookies..?
  • damn that disney one was hard.
  • Do I win a prize if I actually decide to take this thing seriously? No…the pride of winning doesn’t count as a prize. [Oh yes it does]
  • Easy. Even I got these right **prays he got these right**.
  • excellent quiz my dear Dr. Bob. I look forward to taking a shot at April.
  • Fun quiz!
  • G’day
  • Google made this very easy (Except number 1, I just wanted to refer to Spielberg as a pratt).
  • Happy pi day (3.14) Dr Bob! Today is already the 15th and still no full answers for Feb. Once again you have disappointed the entire universe – how could you even sleep at night?
  • hello
  • Hmmm . . . 897461 . . . I have a good feeling about that number. . . . 8 Sudden fortune . . . 9 long in time . . .7 together . . . 4 (unlucky/ death sign) . . .6 easy and smooth . . .1 sure Egads- according to my number this month inthe quiz I’m going to win the quiz and die!!! My only solace is that I should go quietly. Curse the spammers who forced you to add numbers to the site.
  • I boxed 328 and 885 (my lucky numbers from the bottom of the page) this week in the state run lottery. I didn’t win. You owe me 50 cents for your share.
  • I think it is getting easier Dr Bob. Well, I think I thought it was getting easier. Maybe its getting less easy Dr Bob. I think its getting harder. I think I have my indecisiveness under control Dr Bob, dont you agree, or do you think perhaps…..?
  • I tried to sell some pens on ebay, but thanks to a rogue “i” I have a bit of a problem. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve had to spend all my proceeds on some bandages, a bottle of whiskey and a hacksaw.
  • i will astral travel to you and snott you if i dont win sumfin
  • I’m losing my wit, where did it go? Oh well…
  • Is the cartoon by George Woodbridge? It has his style.
  • My bung knee is acting up this morning Dr Bob, and now I’ve got a limp… [A limp what?]
  • My favourite Chick Tract is still Dark Dungeons and I like his tick boxes. “Do you accept Jesus as your personal saviour? Yes/No.” Who would tick no? [Well, me, for one]
  • Nice questions, i had to think hard for this.
  • none
  • Not my first attempt, but certainly my first at actually answering the questions without some lame jokes. Thanks Dr. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (shit, I let one through!!).
  • Thanks for the quiz
  • These are hard – I am pretty sure I got none of them [Well, you got Q3 correct. If you had Q3 wrong, then your last statement would suddenly become correct, so look on the bright side.]
  • you rock