Answers for May 2008

ANSWERS for May 2008. The theme was NUMBERS this month – I am trying to organise my future questions into themes, but the picture question will usually not fit with the theme. This month’s quiz was much admired by electrical engineers – and it so happens that my company was recruiting these this month, and we have taken on 3 (and you should see the state of most of the resume’s that came in). Thanks to all of you who had a go, and I’m sorry to have mis-spelled the names in Q5, but despite that our WINNER got it right anyway – good on yer

Steve Merdith

Question 1

How does the song that starts “1, 2, 75, …” continue?


1, 2, 75,6,7, 75,6,7, ….  see  The Swedish words for the numbers scan properly: ett, tva, sjutti’fem-sex-sju, sjutti’fem-sex-sju, etc

Additional Answers

  • 6, 7, 75, and none of the Swedes I asked can remember the rest – they were all too drunk
  • ……4981, Ah’ve gaht a gahrilla en Melbourne Zooooooo (those who don’t get it, I’m ripping off a Glenn Miller orchestra song. So this CAN’T be the right answer.)
  • “..16, My baby, baby, baby. You make me wanna scream… um, Jeff? I can’t hear myself in the monitors. No, my voice, the guitar’s fine. No, that’s Brian’s voice. No… no… the slider that says “Gary Vox”. No, that’s still Brian’s vocals. Guys, guys, stop, stop… STOP! This is crap, Malcolm. You’re a shit mixer.” [Oooohh, thank you ]
  • “February 1st, 1975 it happened / Was born in West Savannah way before I started rappin / My mamma had a nigga at the age of fifteen…..” from “OutKast West Savannah lyrics”
  • “1,2,75, grab your partner look alive; then grab the knife high above; now jab it in with all your love……….(clap hands “smiling”)
  • 100,200,750
  • 11.00100100001111110110, 453, 6, 987, 375, 43, 3.243F6A8885A308D31319, 154, 76, 51, 505, 42, 56A3, yeah yeah, yeah
  • 401. All songs have 401. 401. 401. You’ve noticed, too?
  • 911, Please come quick, Mah brain’s exploded, Ahll over the place…
  • Always look on the bright side of life.
  • Another bone-dryingly, repetive mathematical number that all maths graduates get all excited about but we normal humans snore over.
  • Bye, Bye, Miss American Pi, Three point one four one five nine
  • Dyslexia in harmony.
  • e^-5j
  • For too far, too long…
  • Hello, is this thing on?
  • I only know “One, two, buckle my shoe”. No “75” in that one. So mebbe “1, 2, 75” is a newfangled song about shoes and old Rover cars, meaning that the next number is “90” followed by “105”.
  • It continues with a long, meaningless, series of numbers.
  • It doesn’t. That’s the roadie checking the sound system
  • It must rhyme, so I think “one, two, seventy-five; I went to a Devon beehive”
  • not very tunefully
  • once I caught a fish alive; 87, 26 a hundred, and then he bit my finger you know the rest.But, other than that is just continues I spose, like its a song after all…….
  • Poorly
  • Sorry,don’t know the song. I have a guess: 42?
  • Years ago

Question 2

How many pancakes did Sambo have for supper?



Additional Answers

  • 169, a direct hit on “sambo pancakes” in Wikipedia.
  • 169, assuming you mean Little Black Sambo and not some other lesser politically correct Sambo.
  • 169, dude.
  • 169, smeared in striped butter [But what about the pancakes?]
  • 7
  • A truly depraved book that should be banned… It’s racist, encouraging gluttony by having a small child eat 169 pancakes, supports killing endangered species ,and what’s more it’s not possible to get butter from melting down tigers!!!
  • Absolutely none. It was an imaginary story.
  • How did you know I had pancakes for supper. (Actually we call it dinner here)
  • I refuse to answer this question, it’s crepe.
  • I’ve got the original of this book in all its anti-PC glory and I say the young lad ate 169 pancakes- because ” he was hungry”.
  • It was One Hundred and Sixty Nine, topped with his dignity. Oh Lordy. At least it wasn’t waffles – was that what made you think of it?
  • It was supper time; sambo called his mum; sambo came down; and ate a hundred and one;
  • Just enough to hold him over to breakfast.
  • Lots, he shared a joint with the roadie and got the munchies pretty bad
  • More than he should’ve, the fat, lazy bastard.
  • None, he had grits and a 40 oz. – homey.
  • None. He didn’t work hard enough.
  • Quit the gastrointestinal humour, you! You’ll put me off my squid eyeball grand dessert!
  • sqrt((2×6.3/9.57)^4)
  • That depends, on which supper you mean? if it was the last supper probably not many as it was every man for himself and the food went really quick, if it was the first supper lots coz everyone was really nervous and not much was eaten. if it was the time his evil stepmother cooked them only one, then the rat poison kicked in
  • Until he wasnt hungry anymore

Question 3

In Werner Herzog’s film, under the new laws of Lope de Aguirre (Wrath of God), into how many pieces would anyone considering desertion be cut?



Additional Answers

  • 198 – Klaus Kinski is my hero….. no, maybe not. [You and I have more in common than you’d like to find out … but after seeing the movie for about the 10th time, when this line came up I thought “Hmm there’s a trivia question” …. I imagine myself on that raft with the monkeys. Other lines that come to mind: “The cannon needs cleaning out”, “This is not an arrow”, “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (pause) 9 10”, and “Blehh echhk …” spoken if not verbally by Mr Kinski on the raft standing on one leg with one shoulder higher than the other, with manic look in eye, as he surveys his domain. Hell of a bloody movie. I take it you have seen “The Making of Fitzcarraldo” (?may have another title) an epic story comparable with the feat of Mr Fitzcarraldo himself]
  • 198 . . . Which is 401 divided by two minus this question number rounded to the nearest whole number!!!!
  • 198, some of them quite small, others, conversely, were relatively larger
  • 2, you go that way, I will go this way.
  • 4
  • 42
  • 6
  • 72, one piece for each virgin.
  • A million.
  • A very strange number – 198.
  • Again with the food questions. Seriously, what’s wrong with some desertion after main coursetion? Why are we carving up people based on their meal choices? Oh, because they’ll turn into Sambo, the fat, lazy bastard.
  • Consider this.. Got you now I’m going to chop you up you considerer you. (I wonder how an alibi against consideration would be considered or construed)
  • cut, slice, dice, lets not get too picky, you just got chopped up ok? and if the threat of that didnt put the brakes on someone they threatend to make you Rolf Harris’s butler, no one deserted after that, in fact the next morning Rolf’s butler had broken into the facility
  • I dunno, but I was cut into thousands of pieces at my local hairdressers last week – fortunately all but one of those pieces consisted of hair-ends.
  • One Hundred and Sixty Nine. What a coincidence!
  • that depends, they used you in “sword tricks” like match tricks on the back of the matches only you had to cut someone into so five pieces with only one cut. if the person got it wrong or coundnt work it out you were used as practice so lots of pieces!
  • They would be cut as many pieces of pie and cake as they wanted as a going away present.
  • Two roughly equal symmetric parts is sufficient.
  • Well 12 is the usual slice number from a Cheescake Shop Ohh… you said” desertion” not “dessertion”. Sorry, in that case I wouldn’t have a FC.
  • Well, that depends on how far you get, the further you get the more pieces, I think the formula was one piece per step, so if you got further that they could see you they just chucked you in the mincer

Question 4

Ancient Egyptian burials began to include small human replicas called “shabti”, to serve the deceased in the afterlife.  At first there were only one or two shabti per burial, but later the number rose and steadied at 401 SPB.  Why 401?


One worker for every day of the year (365) plus one supervisor for every ten workers

Additional Answers

  • 401. Just 401.DAMN- Shabti had a good contract- work one day a year and only one supervisor per 10 Shabti. I gotta see my union rep and tell him about 401.
  • Apparently, becoming increasingly deluded about the possibility of a hereafter, they started to chuck in 365 for the days of the year and a few extra for” foremen”, demonstrating the first documented records of the inclusion of people for workplace health and safety commitees and union delegations.
  • Because 402 would be a bit over the top
  • Because after 401 they ran out of fingers and toes; ha thats oringinal, so I’ll say because 4 is the number at the funeral, 0 is how many want to be there and 1 is the number who bought shabti.
  • Because any more and it made the coffin too bloody heavy. The great pall bearers strike of 3,280BC stopped people being buried for seven weeks and they got a bit woofy so the union and the pharoh made a deal to limit it to 401 SPB
  • Because, obviously, 401 is a prime number. Tch, Dr Bob, why do you ask such easy questions?
  • During the Third Intermediate Period (about 1070-661 BC) it became common to have a shabti for every day of the year, with an ‘overseer’ for every 10 workers. This gave a total of 401 shabti figures in a set.
  • Everyone needs 400 slaves.Plus one backup.Just in case.
  • He who dies with the most stuff wins?
  • I would say one for every day of the year and a few just in case.
  • One for each day of the year (365), plus one for each week of the year (36). NB: The ancient Egyptian week was 10 days long.
  • One for each day of the year plus 36 overseers, one for each group of ten shabti. 365 + 36 = 401
  • One for each separate completely unreachable itch on the shoulder blade.
  • One spare, just in case.
  • One worker for each day of the year [365] and one overseer for each group of ten workers – I guess they rounded down
  • One workman for each day of the year plus one overseer for each group of ten workmen, giving 401. Sort of
  • Precautions, precautions…
  • Such a shame the shit shabati should schedule such shenanigans.
  • The Pharoah of the time was a self-depreciating chap who felt that the number of shabti should equal his number of wives.
  • The shabti making guild became influential at the pharoah’s court, and got a lucrative government contact to supply lots of shabti, all at taxpayer expense.
  • they actually only wanted to include 400, but made an extra 1 in case the other were flawed.
  • They had one for each day of the year and 36 overseers – but Tutankhamun’s tomb was equipped with 413 shabti figures – the extra 12 were monthly overseers. Obviously even in the afterlife bureaucrats are into empire building for their departments.
  • Why not?
  • Why not? unless they were banking on each year being 401 days and one for each day? na, actually because any more and the local council stepped in and it got to hard to get the DA through because the council planning laws required extra foundations and more chariot parking and all sorts of things like that. the council even put a stop to a couple of grave developments and the owner coudnt die until the problem was fixed. In modern times humans have evolved and many dozens die each year whilst awaiting a decision from their local council. This is not expected to change in our lifetime (or that of our grand children either)
  • Why 401 shabtis? Well, only 400 doesn’t make any sense at all!

Question 5

In the mythology of the Urantia book, how many beings sided with Cadastria in his/her battle with Dadastria?


40,119 (page 756) – sorry I mis-spelled the names!! It’s Caligasta and Daligasta.

Additional Answers

  • She only needed one – Bad-ass-tria
  • 1/2 of them
  • 10
  • 11
  • 40,119 foolish creatures
  • 401. I rounded to the nearest 802 (starting at -401). [You could have simply divided by 100. Bwahahahaha]
  • 785,000
  • 9000
  • Absolutely none. All of Cadastria’s so-called friends chickened out at the time of the battle, just like Jesus’s followers at Gethsemane.
  • all of them, that meant that she was in the 24th dimension; she was a god after all, she could do what she wants
  • All of them.
  • cbrt((2×6.4/9.51)^5)
  • Depends on who’s telling the story. Edelstreem the Wise claimed 40,000 “virtuous” beings, whilst Patellar the Just, who, somewhat ironically, had no knees, claimed a mere 300. In later works by Slogstria and Hierxghestyzurze the Unpronouncable, the number is elevated to 1 million and 3 million respectively. As such, any number quoted in the Urantia book is subject to dispute. Particularly by Ersnus the Frank who denounced the Urantia book as “drivelous pith” which was “unworthy to wipe the stool from my nethers”.
  • Do you mean that Cadastria didnt even know their own sex? Wowm, that could make for some awkward moments eh? and imagine how bad it would be when other people were involved?
  • I make it a personal ethic to never answer a question that mentions a lady’s personal bits. You dirty people for not knowing what I’m referring to. Don’t pretend…shame on you.
  • None, they didnt like the gender dispute
  • None, they were all at the pub, exactly where you & I should be Doc.
  • On average 14,708.26 (excluding bacteria)
  • One Hundred and Sixty Nine. Okay, I’ll come back after I’ve read it and watched Werner Herzog. Do you really want me to watch Werner Herzog – amn’t I mad enough already
  • Pie is good.
  • Some unreal number…mythology? a pun
  • the broad ones, the string ones and the climbing ones
  • There’s something about Narnia here, but I can’t think what…
  • This must be either a trick question or serious deeply hidden knowledge since I found that neither of them are referred to in the online search of the Urantia Book at Personally I favour secret hidden arcane knowledge and I suspect any day now Dr Bob will disappear because he’s referred to secrets man/woman was not meant to know…
  • Well, i started to look through the book at after a search came up blank, but there are 2097 pages. Bugger that.
  • Only Mumastria who, like daughter Cadastria, was really sick and tired of Dadastria’s overweening ways. Meanwhile, Cadastria’s siblings stayed out of the fight – Fadastria thought it but a passing phase; Badastria wouldn’t take sides but plotted against both parents; Madastria stayed safely tucked away in the asylum; and Sadastria sat on the sidelines wringing her hands while crying softly at the unfairness of it all.

Question 6

Where’s this?


I forgot where I found this picture!  But I am sure someone will identify it.

Additional Answers

  • ‘cathedral of the most blessed sacrament’, corner of 13th street and 13th avenue, Altoona, PA
  • 13th St & 13th Ave, Altoona, PA 16601, US
  • Almost any American medium size or larger city, thirteen blocks east and south of the zero point, which is usually something like Union (Ave) and Main (St).
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • At the corner of 13th Street and 13th Avenue. Not pictured is the black cat, broken mirror, cracked sidewalk, etc.
  • Check out google maps – there are many possibilites. Lots in the good old US of A, where the surveyors lack imagination.
  • E Moline, Ill – What did you crop out of the picture? A black cat, broken glass? A ladder? The number 401!!!?????
  • I dunno, but we’re driving along and my hubby, who thinks he knows EVERYTHING when it comes to directions, well, he won’t listen to me, even though I’ve told him at least ten times,”thats not how I’m reading the map honey” and ” mind the bicycle off to the left”. As I say, driving is a personal thing and then we come to a roundabout, well, don’t tell me about roundabouts, back in my day…..
  • It is just outside the sign-snipping headquarters at the corner of 13th and 113th
  • It’s the corner of 13th st & 13 Ave, I would have thought that was pretty obvious…
  • It’s the very vortex of limited imagination. Obviously they were saving it for more important things like the First Amendment, Starbucks and pooper scoopers.
  • Its not where you want your parachute packing plant to be located thats for sure
  • Manhattan
  • New York
  • No luck with this question, Dr Bob. Anyway, I’m a triskaidecaphobic.
  • Obviously somewhere in Glorious Motherland UassA.
  • On the corner of 13 and 13 – a prime location
  • One block up from 13th St. and 12th Ave.
  • Only in America….
  • Sacramento, California, USA. Supposed to be a “bad luck” intersection, but would you believe that there has never been an accident there? How about …..
  • Square 1
  • There’s one in International Falls Minnesota that I know of.Personally I hope it’s the intersection at East Moline in Illinois – but that’s only because it’s in the County of Rock Island – because I’m an old folkie from way back and I like the idea of it being on the Rock Island Line…However my friend Sarah from Pittsburgh PA assures me that it’s probably the one in the Euclid/St Paul’s area of St Petersburg Florida and since participated in the Spooky Walk that they have there every Halloween. And she’s probably correct.
  • This is where buddy holly did his pilot training
  • This is where millions of Australian people voted at the last federal election
  • Under a tree? Or a streetlight? OK, let me GoogleMap it … 30 seconds later … AMERICA!!!
  • Why, Dr. Bob, you triskaidekaphile – New York, New York.
  • Witchcraftackanickee, New Mexicalifornebraskansarizona, Usania, Gaea, Sistema solaris, Galactica, Univers.


  • Boycott Gloria Jean! They promote the Mercy Ministries, whose treatment is extremely dangerous for vulnerable young people with mental illness. The Mercy Ministries be a worthy recipient of the Bent Spoon, by the way, for the damage they cause.
  • Can we have some Pittsburgh PA questions please Dr Bob. My friend Sarah has just given me a copy of “Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia – 1000 answers to What makes Pittsburgh so Interesting”
  • Continuing on from last month, what did the leaning Tower of Pisa say to Big Ben? “If you’ve got the time I’ve got the inclination”. Chortle, Chortle.
  • Great quiz, too easy. I didn’t have to think at all.
  • Ha Ha this quiz is crazy, where would you possibly get the answers for any of these without the omnipotence of the internet. [Well, I set most of the questions up without the internet. Q1 is from my own travels and experience.  The answer is on the ‘net but I have not given enough info to find it that way Q2 is from the book “Little Sambo”.  You probably cannot get it from the Internet because the book is highly racist (by modern standards; it was not, when first published) and nobody has posted the text. Q3 You have to see the movie. Q4 Is from a sign in a glass case inside the British Museum, London Q5 is on the ‘net, but very hard to find among all the Urantia drivel Q6 was on the Internet, but the picture has gone now ]
  • Hello, Dr. Bob.
  • Hi Dr bob – I bet this is the first reply you’ve ever had written in the gallery of a TV Studio. Greetings from Studio 3 at the London Studios.
  • Hi there. Are you really a doctor or just a honorary doctor that doesnt actually know anything?
  • How did you know about the number 401???? How???? Do you have someone watching me? 401. 401. 401. 401. 401. 401. My submit code . . . 10401 . . . 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 401 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 0 1 4 01 401 40 1
  • I bet you didn’t know that fully 50% of Australians have a below-average IQ, while only 25% are in the upper quartile. And what’s Rudd and his mates doing about it? Bloody nothing, that’s what. Bastards!
  • I stumbled onto this site while looking into Negative Ion generators. I guess you have looked into them also. I like the site. KS, Electrical Engineer, Pittsburgh PA USA
  • Im feeling numbed by all these numbers
  • Not much to work with humour-wise Doc…
  • Now hang on a minute… How the hell did I win the quiz, Dr Bob? I didn’t get a single question right! (Or maybe there’s someone else with my pseudonym? [Nope – I usually determine the winner from submissions over several months, and more based on wit & repartee rather than the actual right answers].
  • Okay, since you were wondering, Cindy Jolley and Garry Rogers made the national papers when they married (and I think it was 2004, let me check…) because they both adopted the hyphenated name. The toast to the bride went: “May your lives be long, healthy and happy, and may your children forgive you”. They’d met while Cindy was stage manager for the Canberra Rep Society production of Pirates of Penzance (which I apparently can’t spell.)
  • One day, maybe not too far away, I’ll take it almost semi-seriously again and actually try.
  • Quite an interesting experience, learned a lot, thanks. Not sure about the Urantia question the references would not respond to the spelling you gave but the references were very close so I included them.
  • The kids are asleep, the hubby is in bed. What say Dr Bob?…the time has never been better. Go on, you know you want to. You flirt you.
  • The questions I would suppose have some sort of meaning for you, but I’m afraid they made little sense to me. Thanks.
  • Well i do not have any powers but now you would have nothingif not Tesla and his abilities [well yes, poor old Tesla – if only he had found a way to teach English grammar and spelling]
  • What did I win?
  • What song? Who is Sambo?
  • Will you accept the Clintons for exile in Australia when they totally lose the USA Presidential contest?
  • Xiao Thong. Read that again.