Answers for April 2012

Well hello all QUIZ FANS!

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A hundred years ago, an iceberg caused a cruise ship to sink … and this month my quiz (along with its 200 pages of past entries) has had the same effect on its former home at the Australian Skeptics website, which site has now benefitted greatly from its removal. I have long meant to relieve my friends at the Skeptics of the burden of hosting it, so here we are on a new blog!
I am writing – this one time only – to former entrants to plug this new site. To those returning, welcome back and thanks for all your entries in the past, which have given me, and I hope other readers, great pleasure.

On to business, my WINNER for April 2012 is another long-term fan –

Jouko Koppinen

Question 1

Jean Chastel hunted the Beast of Gevaudan (a large man-eating wolf) in 1767. During a hunt, he sat down to read the Bible and pray, and during his prayer, the dreaded wolf came out of the woods and stared at him. What did he do next?


Finished his prayer, and then shot it

Additional Answers

  • The wolf asked where the sheila in the red hoodie went.
  • Adjusted his classes and kept on reading.
  • Had a slight accident which he was able to solve given the absorbent nature of the paper in his hand in which he was technically the first recorded user of recycled toilet paper. He was big on recycling as when the beastie came up he shot at with a silver bullet made from a recycled virgin Mary medal.
  • Shot it

Question 2

A mobile phone rang in the presence of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, to her annoyance. What did she say?


You’d better get that, it could be somebody important

Additional Answers

  • Off with his head!
  • Wassup!
  • When are you going to get rid of the bloody Nokia tune?

Question 3

One day when the mystic Emanuel Swedenborg was in a hurry, he was wolfing down his lunch in a little pub in London, when Jesus Christ appeared to him. What did J.C. say?


Eat slower

Additional Answers

  • Oh, Dr. Bob, how sad. ES stroked out: ‘his vision darkened and the room shifted, and JC told him not to eat so much.’
  • “and so I’m back, from outer space, I just came in to see that look upon your face,”
  • “Hur står det till?”
  • Exactly what Swedenborg tells us he said…

Question 4

What is unusual about Banksia oblongifolia minor – in comparison with Banksia oblongifolia?


It’s bigger

Additional Answers

  • Less is more – minor is taller
  • It is perfectly normal for a plant, just because it is taller than its not minor counterpart is no reason to pick on the poor thing
  • It’s bigger, but perhaps less oblong
  • Oblongifolia as a multi-stemmed shrub 0.5 to 1.3 m high, with leaves 3–11 cm long and 1–2.5 cm wide, and flower spikes 4–10 cm high. Variety minor is a taller shrub 1–3.5 m high with leaves up to 16 cm long and spikes 6 to 14 cm high

Question 5

Which one man drove the revival of interest in scrimshaw in the 20th century?


John F.Kennedy

Additional Answers

  • Bob Marley, and the Whalers
  • It was John F Kennedy, though we are unsure why he would collect the stuff given there were far more interesting things he is alleged to have collected. The whole affairs thing was of course a conspiracy of Big Scrimshaw so as to enjoy a revival and seek to profit from ignoring and supressing altscrim.

Question 6

Some of The Monkees’ concerts in July 1967 had a new opening act that was booed off the stage by fans impatient to hear the late Mr Davy Jones and his fellow employees. What act was that?


A new kid called Jimi Hendrix

Additional Answers

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jimi Hendrix was boo’ed off for the simple reason he was a sub-contractor and not part of the union at the time.


  • Still trying to find the link to some Scandinavian reference in here, it’s a conspiracy I tell you.
  • Visit – it’s a site for sore eyes…