Answers for March 2006

WINNER for March is –

Craig Boyce

At least I’m not as late as usual this month (assuming the web master also has time to get these up) – The aim is to get them up on the site on the Thursday following the weekend following the 2nd of the month.

As for April – Most questions have a common theme, and one of Dr Bob’s little obsessions does raise its head, but it is not the one you’d think at first. And not many people have found it yet.

Question 1

What species of animal are capable of blushing?


Just us, and those baboons – only with them it’s the wrong cheeks that go red.

Additional Answers

  • Actually the correct question is “What species of animals are capable of feeling embarrassed”. I’m sure that little dog Paris Hilton carries around with her, attempts suicide every time she threatens to take it out with her.
  • All humans (you can’t always see it), and some other primates, particularly bare faced and bare arsed ones. I certainly blush when I’m caught with my pants down.
  • Apart from humans, the only blushing species is an endangered Indonesian tropical bird, viz., the Double Breasted Mattress Thrasher. It blushes bright red when poked carefully with a small Javanese tool known as a ‘climb-axe’ (or ‘gasm’ to give it its correct name in Bahasa) by another member of this fascinating but little-known species.
  • Besides humans you mean? Baboons bums blush too.
  • Birds, primates, sheep and probably lots more if they get embarrassed enough, and how could you tell anyway. [Well I do know a story about a human and a sheep who were both very embarrassed ….]
  • Chameleons
  • From a scripture-thumping white supremacist web site (­ only northern Europeans are capable of blushing as a sign that they are true descendants of Adam (apparently meaning “the man who blushes”), and they only ones to be saved!
  • Homo Sapiens is the only animal that blushes from embarrassment or other emotional causes… however there is evidence that some species, for example walrus and penguins, do ‘blush’ in response to environmental factors
  • Homo sapiens, at times when he’s not feeling so clever
  • Homo Sapiens, with particular emphasis on painters (Blushing is usually caused by moisture condensation during the drying process).
  • Homo sapiens. That’s it.
  • Homo Sapiens-sapiens or whatever we’re called. [I’ve been called lots of things].
  • homo spacemen
  • human
  • humans
  • humans
  • humans
  • Humans
  • Humans
  • Humans – specifically the pale Caucasian types. The other homo sapiens can also blush, but no-one else can tell.
  • humans & octopods
  • Humans and Baboons, only baboons blush on their behinds
  • Humans, and dolphins if memory serves
  • Humans, cuttlefish,
  • Humans, primates, and pigs?
  • humans?
  • Humans–they’re the only ones that need to (according to Mark Twain).
  • I am not an animal!
  • I could probably apply blusher to just about *any* animal. Lipstick too, I’m heavily trained in animal cosmetics.
  • If by blushing you mean the flushing of facial structures that indicates embarrassment only Homo sapiens sapiens is know to exhibit this behaviour. If you mean a change of colour of face or other body parts to indicate something else ( in keeping with common theme to this discussion let’s say sexual arrousal/readiness to mate) then any number of species ‘blush’ – at a stretch flowers could be considered as a plant’s way of blushing to say to its mates “i on for a bit of rumpty tumpty”
  • Is my face red?
  • Macaws and humans (other sources give dolphins and whales but I stay with my first answer)
  • Many other animals, including other apes, monkeys, rodents, walruses, turkeys, hairless dogs, pigs, octopi and angelfish flush, but only humans blush, as Twain says, or need to.
  • Naked ones
  • New Zealand jilly fush
  • Only humans – other animals have no shame.
  • Skunks. Hell, wouldn’t you, too?
  • Supposedly only humans, since we’re the only ones who need to, doing the things we do to feel shame or embarrassment. Darwin might ascribe it to the evolution of emotions while Kent Hovind would undoubtedly blame it on our ancestors’ mishap with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. (apologies to Mark Twain)
  • The only ones that think sex is evil.
  • Those who are able to apply blusher with that tiny little brush.
  • Un-Australian ones!
  • Under properly controlled circumstances, the female human species.
  • Well the make up industry tests blush on many animals. I suppose only the monkeys could actually apply it themselves – thus blushing. And an opposable thumb probably improves the precision of the application.

Question 2

At Kent Hovind’s dinosaur museum, what is hanging on the walls in the toilet cubicles?


Laminated copies of Jack Chick tracts – for reading, not for other uses

Additional Answers

  • “we aim to please, you aim too, please”
  • A toilet roll dispenser.
  • Apparently Jack Chick (good name for a Larry character – you do remember Larry & toilet walls and stuff… ) sells Kent Hovind Videos in exchange for exposing his tracts on the dunny walls. And I thought evangelists weren’t into graffiti.
  • Bad cartoons and creationist tracts. Unfortunately they are laminated which rather precludes their being put to good use…
  • Bibles? If you are going to be there a while you might as well do some reading.
  • Bolted to the wall in both the boys and girls rooms are chains with tracts by the cartoonist/evangelist Jack Chick banging [sic] from them. The pages are laminated and set on rings for ease of reading while using the toilet.
  • Bones
  • Coat hooks.
  • Condom dispensing machines? Sharps containers? Posters in small glass cases remonstrating against AIDS, gambling and erectile dysfunction? I mean, really, Dr Bob, what a tacky question for your loyal band of quizzoids – there’s enough toilet humour on Channel 10 and at smoky backroom meetings of the ALP’s appalling factional groups without your contributing even more to the decline of Australian culture and manners. Harrumph.
  • Dino droppings
  • Ddinosaur balls
  • Dinosaur poo
  • Dinosaurs
  • Empty toilet paper holders
  • I can’t say I frequent Creationist dinosaur museums, but it’s alleged that the loos are hung with chains holding ring-bound tracts of questionable reliability. The tracts are laminated with plastic presumably to deter any rationally thinking visitors from using them as toilet paper.
  • Laminated thingies by that cartoonist and evangelist guy. On chains. You would think though that maybe toilet paper would be a better choice.
  • Laminated tracts – oh dear!!
  • Laminated tracts by cartoonist/evangelist Jack Chick are hanging on chains which are bolted to the wall.
  • Laminated tracts written by cartoonist and evangelist Jack Chick, on rings for ease of flipping pages. Are they for reading or wiping I wonder?
  • Mirrors
  • Neat little pressed rubber dolls of Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, and Steven J Gould, all studded with pins.
  • Pages from Darwin’s books, to be used…, well you know. Actually, creepy cartoon tracts by Jack Chick. Hovind evidently knows what most people think they are only good for, but you can’t use them because the pages are laminated.
  • Pictures of famous coprilites.
  • Prehistoric toilet paper…i.e. stinging nettles. Ouch! You’d think prehistoric man would have learnt after the first few wipes. In fact, it took nearly 1 million years for man to invent Pataks ™ Vindaloo Sauce (10m Scoville) and finally find a new way to make your bum hurt after toilet.
  • Propaga… Booklets by the cartoonist/evangelist Jack Chick
  • Pterodactyls
  • Shameless propaganda similar to that found on bottles of Dr. Bronner’s soap.
  • The most brilliant toilet paper, in the form of tracts by some fundamentalist cartoonist. Unfortunately it’s laminated and attached to the wall by a chain but apart from that never was something so suited to bottom wiping and flushing.
  • The remnants of the “not so clean” school children that go through there.
  • toilet paper
  • Toilet paper
  • toilet paper
  • toilet paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet paper holders with little dinosaur heads bursting out of the tops of them.
  • Toilet paper, hooks for purses and hopefully nothing too gross
  • Toilet Paper, I hope too many public conveniences forget this handy and useful item. And the punters are left having to use their left hand (Kack handers), or the contents of their wallet and I will tell you no those $2 coins don’t hold much and they are cold.
  • Petrified Toilet Paper
  • Ph.D’s from his creationist “university.”

Question 3

What was the topic of the argument that inspired someone to invent the Guinness Book of Records?


Whether golden plover can fly faster than grouse. Sir Hugh Beaver, MD of Guinness 1951

Additional Answers

  • “I bet I can drink this Guinness faster than anyone in the world…”
  • “It’s the red ‘ed at the Rose and Craawn”. “Nah, it’s the blonde at the Red Lion”. “Lets find out”. “Yeah”. Later. “Two pints o’ Guinness Please”. Much later. “Well they’re both game birds but which one is faster”? “Dunno!” “We need a book”. “Right” ” ‘nother pint”? “Right, I’ll put somethin’ on the juke box”. “Try a record, Har har.”
  • 1954 when Sir Hugh Beaver, while on a shooting expedition in Ireland, aimed at a small flock of golden plover and missed. Later on he argued with friends which bird was the fastest – this was his reason [excuse?] for missing the bird. They couldn’t agree on an answer, Hugh thought that a book was needed to show just what was biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest, shortest, longest, etc., about as many things as possible.
  • A bunch of beer-swilling idiots with guns betting each other which bird goes faster then decided to write a book for other beer-swilling idiots to record their activities such as eating planes, and get some free advertising in the process.
  • A dispute as to whether the golden plover was Europe’s fastest game bird, after Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of Guinness, shot but missed one on a hunting expedition. He and his friends argued about which game bird was fastest and they got annoyed when they realised they had nowhere to check.
  • A passing publisher overheard an argument in a playground. “My Dad’s gonna beat you up”, “No he isn’t, he’s as fat at Geoff Capes”, “Well Geoff Capes isn’t fat, he’s strong.etc…”. The publisher then decided it was about time to document whether Mr Capes was really fat or strong. They concluded he was really fat. And did so year after year, after sodding year.
  • Fast birds. Sir Huge Beaver often wondered about these, as you would expect with such a name.
  • Guinness and Barnum decided to test the “Sucker Born Every Minute” theory, which they proved most spectacularly. Not only did they get a host of people to perform stunts like “I can shove the most coffee straws up my left nostril” but they got people to buy the book about it, year after year after year…
  • How fast one could drink a pint of Guinness
  • how many pints of guiness could one down before passing out 🙂
  • How many pints of guiness one could skull in a minute
  • Hunters got into an argument over what was the fastest game bird in Europe. But they waited a day to tell anyone. At least there isn’t any doubt about what they’d been drinking.
  • I bet they would buy the book.
  • I bet they wouldn’t.
  • Would.
  • Wouldn’t.
  • Would.
  • Wouldn’t….
  • I bet you didnt do that! If you did, show me some proof!
  • I can drink more alcohol than you!!!!
  • Norris McWhirter: “I’m telling you, I have the stupidest name in the world.”
  • Jellyfish McSaveloy: “err, I think you’ll find mine is stupider”
  • Nigel Bottomface: “there’s no such word as stupider”
  • Mr Toasted T Cake: “calm down guys, what we need is some kind of book which will resolve these arguments”.
  • Oldest person
  • So anyways, Paddy, which daya tink is da longer, 15 feet upright or 15 feet a layin’ down?
  • The argument was, most likely, a quite complex one but I believe it was about the record for a book holding the most world records.
  • The cheesiest buscuit
  • The longest river in the world.
  • They had an argument about some fast bird – Paris Hilton wasn’t invented then so it couldn’t have been her…
  • Three-toed sloths
  • What else would an Irish brewery manager argue about while on a bird shooting trip? ­ “What is the fastest game bird?”
  • Whether Guinness or Kilkenny took longer to pour properly.
  • Which bird was faster, the golden plover or the grouse. It just figures it was about something to do with hunting. Men are naturally into measurements and comparisons.
  • Which is Better- Light or Dark Beer?
  • Which is the fastest game bird … I always liked Helen when I was younger, a bird who was game for anything.
  • Which male had the biggest, er, um, . . . ego.
  • Who ate the most pie
  • Who can fart the loudest: men or women?
  • Who could drink more
  • Who had the biggest.
  • Who knows more stupid stuff?
  • Who was the winner of the Dr. Bobs Quiz in August of 2001. [Well Robert you should know….]
  • Whose fart stank most/burnt brightest/was the loudest/reverberated more. It started at a local Irish pub during a game of darts. The game was never finished.

Question 4

“Way down upon the Swanee River …” – if you went for a romantic boat ride on the actual “Swanee River” what would you notice about the river?


It is the colour of black coffee, infested with alligators and mosquitoes

Additional Answers

  • Land [OK, I’ll concede this one]
  • For starters, the signs at the wharf from which you embarked would read ‘Suwannee’ and not ‘Swanee’. For seconds, any notion of romance would quickly vanish due to the sight of, and stench from, the river’s chemicals, carcasses and untreated turds.
  • A boat ride? On a song? how about the Suwannee River now that’s a boat I would ride on. Sails from Auckland NZ . Notice about the river? Was there a river? I was in the bar.
  • A spelling error, camping platforms every 10 Miles (about 4 hours paddling), water, pirates hiding in the tributaries, tree houses, national park, mullet, national park, blue grass festivals in April … all on the way to the Gulf of Mexico. In fact much the same as if you went on an unromantic Canoe paddle.
  • Alligators
  • I’d assume my real husband had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with an ill-programmed placebo.
  • It doesn’t exist. The closest river name is something like Suwanee River.
  • It hasn’t been called the Yarra of Florida (with alligators) for nothing…
  • It is black
  • It is more narrow than an Alaska witches’ fanny.
  • It was made of ice/sand/toffee (select all that apply).
  • It’s a blackwater river (“colored like clear tea to coffee”), actually called the Suwannee (or Suwanee) River, in southern Georgie and Northern Florida, runs around 266 miles.
  • It’s flowing the wrong way
  • It’s full of shit.
  • Its got no water
  • It’s not that far down.
  • Its not there
  • It’s polluted
  • Its rough
  • Its spelling, ‘Suwannee’ River, and its water is black due to high levels of tannic acid
  • It’s ultra-high salt content. It is in fact so concentrated that rather than just ‘add buoyancy’ it literally throws you back out of the water, and you find yourself hovering inches above the surface, suspended. Scientifically, this is called the “Buttered Cat Effect”. You’d think that this phenomenon would be fun to test; imagine soaring down the river superman style, cape flapping. However, you’d be wrong. The salt content is so high that it literally rips all of the water out of your body via osmosis and you die horribly.
  • Its wet? There’s lots of mountains nearby? Also lots of swamps? Boatloads of singing minstrels? Give me a clue…
  • Like most rivers, it has water on the top and car bodies on the bottom
  • Muddy water
  • No water
  • Nothing, I’d be too busy getting “romantic” to notice anything.
  • On a truly romantic boat ride? Not a damn thing!
  • Other than the fact that the real place is more normally spelt Suwannee River, it’s black, rises from a swamp, and is full of alligators.
  • That it is a shallow creek in Florida that can’t float a boat.
  • That it is really called the “Suwannee River” but since the composer never went there, he wouldn’t know.
  • That it’s a shallow stream, much of it through swamp. And it’s really the Suwannee River.
  • That it’s not very romantic? That it begins as a swamp? Nothing to see but trees blocking your view? Darkies?
  • That the “Swanee” River was mispelled to fit the tune. And that the water is an unromantic black color. The Suwannee River comes out of the Okefenokee Swamp where it is saturated with tannins from all the rotting vegetation. Oh, and there are the alligators to watch out for too.
  • That the actual name is the Suwannee River, runs from a swamp to the coast, and it’s not terribly romantic – unless you like civil war fortifications.
  • The Suwannee River (also spelled Suwanee River) is a major river of southern Georgia and northern Florida in the United States. It is a wild blackwater river, about 266 miles long.
  • The water is black.
  • There are swans in it, but the river is too shallow so you can see their knees.
  • There is an Old Folks Home on its banks.
  • There’s no water
  • Typical you go on a romantic boat ride and just as your slipping you hand, well never mind, there is a f***ing rock concert going on.
  • You shouldn’t be noticing the river on a romantic boat ride but if you were so rude as to avert your gaze from your loved one you may notice that the water is blackish, sort of.
  • It’s a great place for in-law swimming. No, mom, cotton mouths aren’t poisonous. What gave you that idea? No, that’s not an alligator. Look how still it is. I’m sure it’s a log.

Question 5

In the film “Duck Soup”, what was Rufus T Firefly’s job before becoming president of Freedonia?


Travelling salesman for the Eureka Ammunition Company, keen to increase sales

Additional Answers

  • Actually he was unemployed but has been known to be a lawyer and a real-estate salesman as well. For a good history of the Firefly family (without Horseflies though) go to
  • Ammunition salesman, but that’s no worse than Poland whose President was a piano player!
  • An ammunition salesman. The perfect choice for a peace-loving nation. Maybe he was in the oil business too. Snakeoil.
  • Animal rights activist
  • Avoiding getting a job. But if you’re gonna fail, might as well be president.
  • Being a bad comedic actor with a set of hams.
  • Chicken plucker
  • Chief duck plucker for the soup factory.
  • Chimney sweep
  • Cleaner
  • Comedian
  • Custodian in a whore house
  • Firefly sings with his trousers up.
  • Garbage collector
  • Having never heard of the movie ‘Duck Soup’, the character R.T.Firefly or the republic of Freedonia, I am singularly more ill-equipped than usual to answer your arcane question. So, I shall make an informed guess that he rose to the presidency from his earlier job as Governor of the great State of Taxes.
  • He collected stamps
  • He was a letch, a rogue and a villain, could have been a Lawyer, or possibly and explorer, or have I just been watching a Marx Bros movie marathon. Remember men, we’re fighting for this woman’s honour, which is more than she ever did.
  • He was the Vice President of Freedonia when the president was killed in a tragic culverin muzzle velocity experiment.
  • His surname was firefly? The crazy people out of “House Of 1000 Corpses” had the same surname. President – Cannibalistic Murderer ……… 6 of one, half dozen of the other.
  • Ironically, considering the name ‘Freedonia’, he was an ammunition salesman ­ for the Eureka Ammunition Company.
  • It was the thing he did to earn money.
  • Lawyer
  • Lemonade seller
  • Lighting the hallway for little Billy.
  • Man-Whore
  • Novelty salesman.
  • Peanut seller
  • Quiz master, belligerant biscuit assessor, and twat.
  • Rubbish man
  • Think of it, Gentlemen, an ammunition salesman dictating the policies of our peace-loving country.
  • To answer your question I’ve added “Duck Soup” to my list of movies to watch. It’s presently at #634 and I plan on watching it in March . . . of 2032. Just in time for the 100th anniversary I might add.
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Waiter
  • Vice-President of Freedonia

Question 6

Where’s this?


Yonggwang Metro Station, Pyongyang, North Korea.

Additional Answers

  • A big building with fruit growing out of the ceiling.
  • Australian National Agricultural and Viticultural meeting hall – see the grapes on the ceiling?
  • Don’t know, somewhere El Doctore went on his hols?
  • Flinders Street Station, Moscow
  • Australia
  • France somewhere?
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Fsck your picture questions, Bob! I can’t answer these. I think I’m only one question away from winning the quiz!
  • Giant DNA molecules on a giant snake’s spine.
  • Grand Central Station NY
  • but nice of you to ask.
  • I can’t quite get my mental index of things I’ve seen before to work correctly. Dang it!
  • I don’t know but they need to close the doors at the end of the hall. It really creates a draft.
  • I thought YOU were reading the map! Do you see a gas station where we could not ask directions? Is that Philip Glass, third on the left?
  • In a long hallway with arches overhead and steps at the end. Wrong, it was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the lead pipe. Ooo, shiny.
  • Inside Liberace. That’s the view from his hips to where his head was. The white lights being the representation of the spinal column, while the yellowish light is where the neural pathways lay.
  • Is it the place where Adam and Eve are buried, Noah’s ark landed, and homeopathy was invented?
  • It’s a painting of the pathway to heaven. The pinkish glow is from hell behind the viewer. Those people in the foreground, and halfway up the steps, are in purgatory. [Ok, that last sentence is accurate].
  • It’s obviously the US governments long term storage facility for the aliens captured after the Roswell incident. You can see the force fields arching over the top of the space which contains the floating globular aliens and prevents them from levitating away to freedom. This is form of species-ist torture and must be stopped. Aliens have rights too!
  • It’s the great hall at Hogwarts before the students come back.
  • Looks like a Moscow metro station but it may be a toilet cubicle at Kent Whatsisname’s dinosaur museum. It is not the Swanee River.
  • Moscow subway
  • My front living room
  • My second bathroom.
  • No idea but it is beautiful. Guess Turkey? Morocco? Spain? Anyway it is not Broome even the Outer Mongolia one
  • On an utterly insignificant little blue green planet orbiting a small unregarded yellow sun far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy (with apologies to the late Douglas Adams).
  • Salt Lake City
  • That looks like the Moscow underground to me.
  • The Only Known Universe, most probably in the Milky Way Galaxy, in particular our Solar System, likely the Inner Planets, and finally on the Planet Earth.
  • The Vatican
  • This is at I hope this helps, but I don’t see how.
  • This is the hall that leads to the third floor east wing broom closet in the Gates mansion.
  • Turkey
  • Using my L33t hacking skillz, I’ve managed to locate that picture…..the address is Thus I think the picture is stored on a hard drive somewhere in the Australian Skeptic’s offices, in Australia. If you meant “Where was this picture taken”, then the answer would be simply ‘I don’t know’…but it looks lovely.
  • Yonggwang metro station, Pyongyang, North Korea. Let them eat art!
  • Maybe the inside of a Creationist’s head? It looks empty enough.


  • Sigh – looks like one of two things happened with my witty, insightful and perspicacious February quiz entry. One: it wasn’t delivered unto you, as also happened a few months back, or, Two: my Feb quiz entry was not witty, insightful or perspicacious. [Well it can’t be the second option, since if it were not witty, insightful or perspicacious, then by definition it could not be a witty, insightful and perspicacious February quiz entry, or indeed any entity so described. This therefore simplifies the problem to the first alternative. I can now confirm this; I do not know where the hell it went].
  • Cheers, Dr Bob!
  • Chickabo pah
  • Damn Bob…. that last picture took some working out!!!
  • Did you hear about the bird who migrated too far south for the winter? He died of flew.
  • Dr Bob Dr Bob! Hey, I won the quiz! I can’t believe it! SO WHAT DID I WIN? I so hope its one of those souvenir tea towels that Ted Kotcheff’s Great Aunt brought back from holidays!!!!!!!! [Er, what did you win. Well as you know we are all skeptics and we like to spread a sense of skepticism around the community. So if I were you I’d start being skeptical about prizes from trivia quizzes :-)] Yes, beginners can be winners. Sorry I didn’t enter the February Quiz as I am now not on holidays 😦 Perhaps now I will be inspired and practice writing witty silly answers. FYI, I really like the website.
  • Enjoy your quiz, keep it up!
  • Every time I try to type in the red number it changes to black. [Ah, you see we put this in to pick out the ones who don’t pray hard enough].
  • Fascinating someone being able to answer in Droog! I’m impressed. The concept of coming to terms with Droog always drove me away from the book.
  • good fun
  • hello dr bob! i have an imaginary friend called john [Hello John! I have an imaginary friend called Tanysha].
  • Here it is, 4pm Sunday 12th March, [Here what is?] and still no full answers to the February quiz. Seems to take longer each month. [Yes I find so too. Oh you mean to post the answers – well it depends on both me & the webmaster having time].
  • I did but see Dr. Bob passing by, yet still I shall gouge out my eye.
  • i don’t get it… [Well I don’t get much either. It is very frustrating.]
  • i dont like ur questions!
  • I want to read, I have to plead – I’ve been so patient for it to be told
  • Witty expressions I always give – They keep me waiting answers to be told
  • And I’m getting old.
  • At skeptics dot a u I’ve read the what’s new – I check twice a day answers to be told
  • My quiz was so fine, I wrote such a great line
  • That keeps me waiting answers to be told
  • And I’m getting old.
  • If only your mother had christened you Bob.
  • I’m back after convalescing or is that coalescing for a long time. Seems that the governments warning about the dangers of marijuana affecting you memory are … As I was saying before, Nurse is it time for my medications. They say that 100% of life ends in death, but that has statistical clustering written all over it.
  • I’m enjoying your refreshing break from all things Icelandic.
  • Intriguing mixture [well don’t Bogart it – pass it over to me]
  • Mihi ignosce. Cum homine de cane debeo congredi. [Age. Fac ut gaudeam.]
  • My duty as a Minister of the Church of the Sub Genius is to say, Praise “Bob!”
  • Now, Doctor Bob. Last month your picture question was “What’s happening here”? NOT “Where is this”. I thought “Christians being misinformed” was a bit dry, but I did throw in a bit about Noah. Did you like my answers this month? I’ll try again later then shall I?
  • Oh dear – Dr Bob you now want verification that this is a real person submitting this… What is the world coming to (that is a purely rhetorical question)… [and one typically asked by a machine].
  • red numbers – red numbers – redrum
  • So, anyway, I couldn’t see this red number thingy for the life of me. Nothing would work. So I downloaded a trial version of anonymising program and guess what – there were the numbers. Feeling horribly paranoid about having been defined as spam – I mean, I knew the answers weren’t good, but I didn’t think they were that bad … So I disabled the anonymiser program and tried again. Click the box the numbers appeared. Oops. I’ll just be a-chomping down my Zoloft now. Did I tell you the aliens were trying to control me through transmitters planted in the fridge…
  • Thanks Dr Bob. That was fun. [< insert tired old comment here >]
  • Thanks for having those fully clothed Dutchmen in last month’s quiz, as opposed to naked ladies.
  • The US English idiom: “Easy as duck soup” translates as very easy. Well, find some duck soup recipes on the internet. Then try to make them. I’ll wait. Now I suggest we go with “Easy as Macaroni and Cheese” from now on. And I presume you are with me. I’ve contacted the folks at, but they haven’t written back yet.
  • Too easy this time, except for that photo
  • Too easy! Maybe I didn’t get them right, but I’ve answered them all in under an hour! How am I going to fill the rest of my month??
  • Very hard questions!
  • Way to award last month’s prize to my mate Dr Bob – he hasn’t shut up about it since, he’s even printing business cards with “Dr Bob’s Quiz winner, Feb 2006” on them. Anyway, I would like to cast my vote for best ever answer. From Feb2001: Q: Is it true that Viagra in the water makes pot plants stick up better? A: No, unless you tie them to your penis.
  • Way too difficult man!
  • What’s up with the red number? Surely the good people of Earth know better than to spam Dr Bob? You should curse them all.
  • Why are they called cubicles when they’re not really cubes?
  • What’s with the red number game? Did I win? [Yes. We all win.]