Questions for June 2017

AS READERS MIGHT DETECT, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel in which I store my future quiz questions; also I am going overseas yet again in July, so there may not be more of these for a while. But here goes.

  1. The Old Bedford River had a six-mile drainage canal that was so long and straight that you would not be able to see a boat at the other end because of the Earth’s curvature. So, why was this place often visited by flat-earth believers?
  2. When Brunel had completed the construction of the mighty iron ship SS Great Britain and had launched it, what major problem was encountered?
  3. Big Ben is the hour bell of the clock in the Palace of Westminster; the clock’s clockwork mechanism is wound up 3 times a week; how long does it take a man to wind it up?
  4. Complete this quote: “Inviting the object of your desire back to your place for the first time, pouring some drinks, dimming the lights, then switching on the stereo and playing [one of Captain Beefheart’s records] would surely be the precursor to …”
  5. In 1915 the Melbourne Police organised dozens of simultaneous raids on illegal alcohol establishments in Fitzroy.  The raids were synchronised to happen when the Fitzroy Town Hall clock struck midnight. What happened at midnight?




  1. 1. The angle of incidence = the angle of distraction. What you see ain’t necessarily what you get.

    2. The water displaced caused major flooding in Bangladesh. The major major problem was Bangladesh didn’t exist at the time and the water was lost in an ocean gyre. (Double word bonus for gyre).

    3. Not too long. After a few lagers and the taunt “Call yourself a bell?” it’s pretty easy to wind it up.

    4. Compulsory detention under the Mental Health Act.

    5. Cinderella’s pumpkin turned back into her genitalia. But as she had been at the Ball with Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, she was rather glad to escape his constant tongue-lashing.

  2. 1. “Maybe this time I’ll see the ship all the way to the end. Last time I couldn’t because of fog, and the time before that it was….”
    2. The iron ship, being highly magnetised, could only travel north/south
    3. “But I am no man”
    4. a great episode of the Simpsons
    5. a) daylight saving
    b) a strike over Sunday penalty rates
    c) the establishments gave themselves up, saying “it’s a fair cop”

Have a go!

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