Questions for March 2013

This is Dr Bob’s quiz for March 2013 – please give your answers to this quiz by posting a comment. But as I already know the answers, I prefer to see witty or sarcastic comments! I will moderate the postings to avoid spam (and abuse), but I will try to do that quickly. The real answers will appear in April.

  1. Some homeopaths sell homeopathic fluoride at 6X potency. Is there an alternative source for this?
  2. Bananas contain potassium. What is the relevance of this when they are exported from the USA?
  3. What Beatles song was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs”?
  4. What is the well-known quote from the political speech “Normalcy, Never Again”?
  5. Japan’s Okayama Castle has three gates – Ote Mon, Akazu No Mon, and Rokujuu-ichi Gangi Ue Mon. What is the origin of the name of the third gate?


  1. Dr Bob’s REAL ANSWERS:

    1 – Yes, tap water is commonly fluoridated to 1 part in a million, if natural fluoride is below that level.

    2. Potassium, as K-40, decomposes to argon and with enough bananas, in particular a full truckload of them, the associated radiation sets off detector alarms that are monitoring for export of nuclear materials.

    3. Yesterday

    4. “I Have A Dream”. Ironically I see that MLK’s speech, a prized cornerstone of modern culture and liberty, is copyright so now you can’t hear it or read it unless you pay money to an already-wealthy corporation.

    5. Okayama Castle has Ote Mon (Main Gate), Akazu No Mon (Unopened Gate), and Rokujuu-ichi Gangi Ue Mon (Gate At The Top Of The Sixty One Zigzag Steps). “This gate is so called”, says the guidebook, “because …”

  2. 1. To look pretty (6X appeal)
    2. Because they are required for use in American comedies they are not exported
    3. Sgeg
    4. Carthage must be destroyed
    5. Error 404 Door not found

  3. 1. 1 part in 10 ^12, I would guess that deep space would be the closest, even distilled water will have more.
    2. Now this is a tough one, the USA produces very little Potassium products so I would guess that export is tightly controlled and an export licence would be required, they may even be banned. But of course they use any excuse to subsidise their agriculture and undercut competing imports so it may even be subsidised. easy one ‘Yesterday’ (Ham and Eggs also used).
    4. Normalcy – was an exposition on butchering the English language with useless and meaningless neologisms? Oh No! another American politician dressed in religious rags – great message – shame about the language.
    5. Damn you would pick one castle I have not visited. A friend did visit but they had nystagmus from climbing a ridiculous number of steps zig zagging up the hill and they could not read the sign.

  4. 1. For homeopathic anything, the alternates are water and lactose. Oh…you meant real stuff. A homeopathic dilution of 6X is 1:10^6, or one part in a million. That’s about how much there is of the less common elements dissolved out of the air in rain-water, to a varying extent.

    2. Potassium is a volatile chemical used in some explosives. So is it that they bananas be exported from the USA to North Korea, Cuba or Libya (oops, strike that last one)?

    3. “She Loves you, Scrambled Eggs!” “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Scrambled Eggs” And of course, the White (only) album…en. (sorry) George went on to do “Concert For Scrambled Eggs”, John did “Give Eggs A Chance”, and Paul did dope and “Mull of Kintyre”.

    4. “Hello, my name’s Kent Hovind.”

    5. Literally, 61 Crooked Steps. It’s the gate where they let the one-legged drunks into the castle.

    Hi, Dr Bob! Cheers from the indubitable Dave H.

  5. 1. Who needs Al-Qaeda when you’ve got guys like this trying to POISON us all?
    2. Have fond memories of flushing bits of potassium down the toilets at uni. Nice bang and a great way of reversing normal flow of contents for anyone unlucky enough to be using said facilities ….
    3. Unfortunately “All Shook Up” had already been appropriated by Elvis.
    4. Must be from the same New Zealand politician who swore he wouldn’t rest “until everyone was earning above-average wages”. (honest)
    5. You left out “Hoots Mon” the Scottish one.

  6. Hi from Canuckland, Dr. Bob!
    1. Alternate source for ‘6x’ homeopathic fluoride:
    A drop of tap water?
    2.Bananas’ potassium decay/radioactivity sets off US security scanners!
    3. ‘Ohh, I belieeeeve, in Scrambled Eggs’
    4.“Normalcy, Never Again”:
    ‘Dream a Martin King of Me’
    5. Origin of Gangi Ue Mon: The official national motto of Jamaica and marijuana worshippers everywhere: ‘Ganga you/me, mon.’

  7. 1.The Crutch of the Latter Day Hubbard Sci-Folliegists’ Olde Gift Shoppe sells Thetan Snake Oil which Will Cure all that Ails You.
    2. Even my clever mate Joules Sievert is in the dark about this one. He is slowly breaking down as I write. Your blatant anti-USA attack may cause some fallout. Would you blame the Irish for potatoes, Brazil for their nuts or Russia for sunflower seeds? Enough with all the potassium, K?
    3.The Beatles’ song that was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs” was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs”. At least is was yesterday.
    4 .Nightmare on Equality Street? Paper! I have a Ream. Anaphora, wake up! Mama Cass, dream a little dream of me?. You king-hit me with this one.
    5. Melbournians Jack Perry and Doug McKenzie discovered they had a shared love of Japanese architecture in the mid 20th century. Their first visit to Okayama Castle was filmed as Zig and Zag, ’61 Steps.

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