Questions for November 2012

I am still having difficulty in rebuilding my life after the 104-day motorbike trip, see THIS LINK!

This is Dr Bob’s quiz for November 2012 – please send me your answers to this quiz by clicking this link. An email template will open that will allow you to send the answers using your own email software. Or, you can send a freely formatted email to

  1. What unique status is possessed by Ms Karin Vogel, of Rostock, Germany?
  2. Alcohol sales at rival outlets owned by Coles and Woolworths – both agressively claim that they cannot be beaten on price. Is this claim true?
  3. Can cows climb stairs?
  4. How many Americans are injured annually by Toilets?
  5. What road vehicles in Russia have no licence plates?

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    1 She is LAST in the official line of succession tot eh British Throne – postinj 4,721

    2 They do not sell the same products. You price a wine “X” in one shop and then you find the other shop does not sell it!

    3 Yes, but only upstairs, not downstairs

    4 40,000

    5 Trolleybuses

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