Questions for October 2012

October 2012 quiz

Quiz for October – I am home again, but the travel blog continues (4 weeks behind) at THIS LINK!

This is Dr Bob’s quiz for October 2012 – please send me your answers to this quiz by clicking this link. An email template will open that will allow you to send the answers using your own email software. Or, you can send a freely formatted email to

  1. There is an area of the continental USA where anyone can commit any crime and get clean away with it – where?
  2. Thomas Derrick filled the very unpopular job as executioner at Tyburn, as part of a deal, arranged by the Earl of Essex, that pardoned Derrick from the death sentence for a conviction of rape. Did Derrick ever meet Essex again?
  3. O.Henry spent a lot of time reading Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, and loaned it to a rather slow-witted friend who read the first few pages, what did the friend say about it?
  4. Modern Russian bookshops commonly have large sections of books about law, and economics – what other topic is always well represented?
  5. On what book should a sticker be placed that says “Important if true”?

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