Questions for September 2012

September 2012 quiz

Quiz for September – I have reached Magadan safely, and should have more time now – crikey, I have not even put up the answers for July, sorry … but you can still follow my blog at!

This is Dr Bob’s quiz for September 2012 – please send me your answers to this quiz by clicking this link. An email template will open that will allow you to send the answers using your own email software. Or, you can send a freely formatted email to

  1. Where does the name “derrick” for a small crane originate?
  2. How have the rules of the traditional game of “conkers” been recently modified in Britain?
  3. Dr Bob’s mother was once at a posh British Xmas Dinner, hosted by a wealthy family with servants. A magnificent Roast Turkey had been prepared, which the maid brought in on a silver tray; very elegantly to begin with but she tripped and dumped the barbecued bird on the carpet, right in front of the horrified guests. What did the hostess immediately say?
  4. Norway kept threatening to boycott the 1936 whaling congress. If they had indeed left, what countries would have remained?
  5. A traditional folk song about Ned Kelly contains the lines “You know the country well, Ned, so take your comrades there / And profit by your knowledge of the Wombat and the Bear” – what does this mean?