Questions for August 2012

Quiz for August – I am still on the road towards Magadan and have reached Irkutsk; follow my blog at but don’t read about Day 41.

This is Dr Bob’s quiz for August 2012 – please send me your answers to this quiz by clicking this link. An email template will open that will allow you to send the answers using your own email software. Or, you can send a freely formatted email to

  1. Why are flamingoes pink?
  2. Truck drivers dislike the tachometer that monitors speed and distance; it used to be powered from the truck’s lighting circuit, so to disable it they would take the lighting fuse out. So the unpopular device was instead connected into the circuit that powered the brakes; how did the drivers overcome it then?
  3. What would you find in a Nerparium?
  4. Ivan the Terrible liked to play chess, but he modified the rules – how?
  5. Tsar Nicholas II celebrated his accession by providing a party with free beer in special coronation mugs. What happened that spoiled the party?