Quiz for June 2012

Welcome ALL YOU FANS who have returned to my time-wasting quiz! I wasd heartened, indeed overcome with gratitude, to see such a positive response from so many long-lost entrants! Welcome back, and I hope you continue to enjoy the quiz as it used to be.

This quiz is at drbobsquiz.wordpress.com – please bookmark the link.

Please send me your answers to this monthly quiz by emailing me at quiz1@skeptics.com.au – all submissions will be anonymous; names (except winners) and email details are never released. This quiz has been running at the Australian Skeptics website for over 15 years, but I don’t want to burden them with it any more!

Also FOLLOW MY BLOG at stevethings.wordpress.com – today I am in ISTANBUL and really I could find better things to do, but it’s not much trouble to put up new questions (that I have prepared offline). Answers for May will appear in a few days – please bear with me, I am pretty busy at all times on this trip!

  1. What was the former name of Safety Beach (in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne)?
  2. When do Bulgarians – polite ones, at least – stop saying “Good Morning” (/dobro utro/) to each other and start saying “good day” (/dob’r dyen/) instead?
  3. What happens if you DO use the lift (US: elevator) in the event of a fire?
  4. When two male Narwhals rub their tusks together, they were originally thought to be duelling over a female, but further observation has now shown – what?
  5. Dr Bob once visited Mongolia (and is on his way to do so again); the tour guide went crapping on and on about Genghis Khan, for days on end, and when finally asked if Mongolia had any other culture at all said “oh yes, we also have ….” what?

The quiz is changed every first day of the month, and the results are published a few days later. The questions are meant to be difficult (Wikipedia keeps ruining my act) but they do have real answers – and as I already know and will reveal the answers, I prefer to get sarcastic or witty efforts. I will choose a Winner each month, using wholly mysterious criteria, but you should be skeptical about the existence of a prize!