Quiz for May 2012

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Please send me your answers to this monthly quiz by emailing me at quiz1@skeptics.com.au – all submissions will be anonymous; names (except winners) and email details are never released.  This quiz has been running at the Australian Skeptics website for over 15 years, but I don’t want to burden them with it any more! 
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  1. When the bodies of Tsar Nicholas and his family were recovered, their identity was confirmed by DNA testing. Where did they get the reference samples of DNA?
  2. When you enter the historical bluestone chapel built by 19th-century German settlers at Westgarthtown (Melbourne), there are more hooks for hats on the right-hand side than on the left, why is that?
  3. What was Sir John Betjeman’s only regret?
  4. Salvador Dali gave a surrealist lecture, wearing a diving suit and a dagger, with two Russian wolfhounds on a leash in one hand and a billiard cue in his other hand – what went wrong?
  5. Why did Merlyn Rees change his name to Merlyn Merlyn-Rees?

The quiz is changed every first day of the month, and the results are published a few days later.  The questions are meant to be difficult (Wikipedia keeps ruining my act) but they do have real answers – and as I already know and will reveal the answers, I prefer to get sarcastic or witty efforts. I will choose a Winner each month, using wholly mysterious criteria, but you should be skeptical about the existence of a prize!


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  1. Typical answers: 1. From the DNA shop in the High Street. 2. Right-leaning Germans. 3. Having a name like “Betjeman” and being too dim to change it. 4. Everything went wrong with reality at the time. 5. He thought it would be a wizard idea. Comments: this is Dr Bob testing.

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